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Thanks for checking out my profile! My name is Stone, however on the internet I go by nOm nom NOM3. I came to AP when I began to watch anime regularly so around my freshman year of highschool. my favorite kind of anime generally has a darker vibe or is bloody and violent. some examples are Darker Than Black, Claymore, Balck Bullet, Akame ga Kiru! ect. when I am not wathcing anime chances are I am playing League of Legends. League is BY FAR my favorite pc game.

I play League of Legends (NA), if you play my summoner name is n0m nom NOM3

you can also find me on steam where I go by fiendkiller82

the other games that I play regularly include...

top 10 anime

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

2. CLANNAD (Afterstory)

3. Bleach

4. Blood+

5. Sword Art Online (II)

6. Highschool of the Dead

7. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

8. Black Butler

9. Spice & Wolf

10. Durarara


1. Nightwish

2. Five Finger Death Punch

3. Metallica

4. Blood Stain Child

5. Killswitch Engage

6. DragonForce

7. Epica

8. Aqua Timez

9. X-Japan

10. The Birthday Massacre

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88 total

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turtleduck says...

Wow saturday does sound boring, maybe you should be a good kid lol. Well here is an idea to learn his name lol. You should be like “Lets write our name in a fancy handwriting.” Then when he shows you his, you will lean his name lol or a cheesy option is to write each other letters in a letter format lol that would be weird.

Yay new jeans. Today I am going to get a hair cut yay I want to cut it really short but my mom is like no you have to look nice for graduation so I will cut it short after graduation. those girls do sound annoying lol. pool a fun game it is but the game that I love to play is foosball. I would say I am champion at that.  Good job at that though.

The hour has no effect on me because my usual schedule is 2AM to 7:30AM and I been sleeping more than usual last week so yup I am immune to these time changes. 20 pages the most I did was 11 pages. I wish you luck on the cursed research paper. I finally read Bleach up to the new chapters. I feel like I have accomplish something.

Mar 13, 2012
Minai99 says...

You know that's exactly what that scene was, a complete "LOL WHAT?" moment. xD

Makes me think of Nise and the infamous toothbrush scene, actually. Same kinda reaction for me, "I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING SHIT THIS IS FRIGGIN HILARIOUS/GREAT!"

Mar 12, 2012
Minai99 says...


Mar 11, 2012
turtleduck says...

haha your a bad kid. So what does one do at these Saturday schools? We don't have something like that here. I guess I am a good kid because the teachers love me for I am quiet unlike the other kids but I am really reading manga when I am quiet.

I saw that episode of Bleach lol I didn't know what was going on but it was like yay soccer. so I watched it. 

Oi I hate reasearch papers!! How long does the paper have to be?

So we lost in the semi finals in the state tournament it was so close and ahhh it gets me mad thinking about it. I been through three stages of depression: 1) Eating- the next day I had Chinese, pizza, and soda (A LOT OF SODA, more than what I drink in a month) 2) Shopping- My older sister and I went shopping where I bought clothes and books, it did help the saddness lol 3) Pre-teen Boy Bands- lol I was listening to "Boyfriend" by Big Time Rush, I guess it should be considered as a phase.

And that been my week. Now basketball is over and I think I should find a job. Oh an upside is my sister and I found an apartment for when we I start college. So excited! I will leave behind my crazy parents. The future seems so bright now.

Mar 11, 2012
Setzra says...

No problem. Sometimes you just need to step back and ideas start coming. Hope you get it working :)

Mar 8, 2012