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My name is Stone I am 19 years old and live in Geneva IL. The first anime that I watched was Claymore. Originaly it was to see how bad it was, aaand I get sucked into the murderous dark pit that is Anime. the next 4 months I spend the majority of the time in my room on netflix watching wonderful titles such as, Darker than Black, CLANNAD, Angel Beats!, Death Note, Devil May Cry and countless more. Nowadays it seems I cant be bothered to watch any more anime. which is strange because I CAN nuke all my time on reddit, then finish 4 episodes of any 1hr tv show before the sun comes up.

I also spend copius amounts of time playing League of Legends

League of Legends

my 3 favorite champions, Ashe Ahri and Annie

if you dont play and would like to try mind giving me a referral?


I play League of Legends (NA), if you play my summoner name is n0m nom NOM3

you can also find me on steam where I go by fiendkiller82

the other games that I play regularly include...

  • Battlefield 3
  • League of Legends
  • Battlefiled 4
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • TERA Online (Lake of Tears)

Edit: I live in Geneva Illinois. like a boss? not quite. I like basically every kind of animation. except when the artists decide on giving every female character oversized breasts... its just too much. Anyway zombies, Giant robots and love make anime/manga awesome.

top 5. anime

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

2. CLANNAD (Afterstory)

3. Bleach

4. Blood+

5. SAO

6. Highschool of the Dead

7. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

8. Black Butler

9. Spice & Wolf

10. Kaze no Stigma


1. Nightwish

2. Five Finger Death Punch

3. Metallica

4. Blood Stain Child

5. Killswitch Engage

6. DragonForce

7.Bullet For My Valentine

8. Aqua Timez

9. X-Japan

10. Sylosis

my xbox gamertag is nOm nom NOM3 if anyone ever wants to play send me a message!

I am also available on TS3 or mumble

Some Websites I enjoy are

I updated this last on: 1/13/2014

my life spent on anime

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Geneva, Illinois

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November 7, 2011

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March 12, 2014

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turtleduck avatar turtleduck


Oct 15, 2012

Sorry to hear about the drama. The only problem I have is my fall break sucked. This past Wednesday-Sunday I went home and all I did was clean and do pointless tasks. The only fun I had was seeing my pets, watching a movie, staying up to 1AM watching movies alone. I made up an excuse to come back to school early on Sunday to watch The Walking Dead, which was awesome (were not allowed to watch anything with zombies back home, which sucks :P)

Good job on those math tests though lol

How is Lie to Me? I love Tim Roth and was wondering how that show was. Good luck with the job hunting. I have to clean my bed (my suitcase is still on it with all my clothes thrown everywhere. Haven’t unpacked yet) and go to bed. Forget doing homework I am too tired to do anything. Have to get a lot of sleep since tomorrow I have to take my car in to get fixed.  Yay another boring day.

Well night and good luck with the drama.

P.S. I also found you on deviant art. I think I friended you or I am watching you, I am new to the site and I am still trying to figure it out.

jualseta avatar jualseta


Oct 11, 2012

Haha yes. It's easy to lose track of this thing when you're not actually watching anime. 

Gonna watch anything this season?

jualseta avatar jualseta


Sep 21, 2012

Cool =) And yea, I know how you feel. 

Back to school, myself and I have no time to come on here or even watch anime. Well, I have SOME time to come on here xP but not a lot. 

PurpleCatAngel avatar PurpleCatAngel

Great Anime List!

Sep 11, 2012

Hi.:) Cool anime list.

turtleduck avatar turtleduck


Sep 11, 2012

Sorry this response is late. Started school and so far I am tired of it. Have a paper due tomorrow and a math test on Thursday. I just been studying this week. I am glad that you got good grades in your math classes. I remember when I got an A in my math class over the summer. My math grades throughout high school were mostly B's and a few C's. Yay senior year. Make the most of it. Right now i wish I was in my senior year since I spent almost all my time watching anime and reading manga. Now I only find time to read manga every once and a while.

Why were backpacks and purses banned? One time in high school, (I feel old saying "back when I was in high school" might as well be saying "When I was younger" lol that was only a few months ago) water bottles were banned because people would bring in vodka. It sure sucked not having a water bottle when you have a game later that day. You could have hitchhiked to anime expo lolSeriously get the growth egg before you leave gran pulse or before you reach the end. Your going to wish you got the growth after you reach the end. I sure wish i did.

Sorry to hear about your sunburn. I bet its better by the time you read this. So now I am off to my math class. (It seems like I am always taking a math class) Sorry once again for the late reply.   

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