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Thanks for checking out my profile! My name is Stone, however on the internet I go by nOm nom NOM3. I came to AP when I began to watch anime regularly so around my freshman year of highschool. my favorite kind of anime generally has a darker vibe or is bloody and violent. some examples are Darker Than Black, Claymore, Balck Bullet, Akame ga Kiru! ect. when I am not wathcing anime chances are I am playing League of Legends. League is BY FAR my favorite pc game.

I play League of Legends (NA), if you play my summoner name is n0m nom NOM3

you can also find me on steam where I go by fiendkiller82

the other games that I play regularly include...

top 10 anime

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

2. CLANNAD (Afterstory)

3. Bleach

4. Blood+

5. Sword Art Online (II)

6. Highschool of the Dead

7. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

8. Black Butler

9. Spice & Wolf

10. Durarara


1. Nightwish

2. Five Finger Death Punch

3. Metallica

4. Blood Stain Child

5. Killswitch Engage

6. DragonForce

7. Epica

8. Aqua Timez

9. X-Japan

10. The Birthday Massacre

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turtleduck says...

Thanks and last night we played against the #1 ranked team again and beat them!!! Now I think we will take the #2 spot behind a different team but not sure we will find out on Wednesday when they give a new ranking list. The sad thing about the game is I sprained my ankle and it looks like a marshmallow the plus side is I don't have to clean and my parents are my slaves yay!! Click to my blog about the game!

Ahh still want the new FF game.

How sad your teachers say that to you lol I can picture you turning around and going WHAT and throwing something at them lol thats what I would do!! My government teacher is always nice to me then one day when I turn in my homework ahead of time he said "I believe your a good kid, Ms. Letisha no matter what your parents say about you" I was thingk WTF when did he talk to my parents. it was weird. so I guess your name contains Stone? Bowling how awesome!! are you good at bowling? I think I am good because I always get strikes but I don't know what my average is. I am so glad I dropped my Calculus class so I get to start school till 9AM better then 8AM.

I was interested in the Chronicle movie when I first saw the preview and then after watching more previews I was like meh but if you think its epic I might try watching it. I am always looking for away to get out of the house. I suggest you watch The Grey my dad took me to watch it and I say it was good. The wolves were so cute! I never had a dream I could fly but I do dream about some kind of alien attack and I am armed with a sniper rifle. Those are the best dreams!!

Totally agree with you on finishing the previous game before the next. I am so excited to see what happens in the next game but I don't think I am even halfway on the first game so sad. It requires a lot of time to finish the game and so far I have been busy.

Yay I love HOTD. Do you know when the new chapters are suppose to come out? Whats a skyblock and there is a tree? :D

Feb 5, 2012
AoixeBnomx says...

It's decent... Pretty dirty if you ask me.. But I love it, no matter how dirty it is and how many crimes there are.. I still somehow love it.

Feb 4, 2012
jualseta says...

Your avatar is soooo cute! And I know what it's from! But I don't ;_;

Where is it from? xP

And while I'm here, X-Japan and Breaking Benjamin <333

Feb 4, 2012
AoixeBnomx says...

Thanks. I see you have HOTD in your top list. It's also on mines... Well I need to make one actually. How is Geneva treating you? Is is a good place to live?

Feb 3, 2012
turtleduck says...

I didn’t know that there were enemies in the game. I saw a dude fight a dog in the game I think. When I watch them play I just see them die from falling off building or something.  Then it gets boring watching them do the same thing over and over.

I want to buy FFXII-2 but that means I have to spend the money I am saving for the PS Vita. So far I have my mom to agree to pay half so lets see it she keeps her promise. I also still need to buy the Shadow of the Colossus and ICO Collection. One of my favorite games of all time is Shadow the Colossus. Not sure if I ever asked you this but have you ever played the game. It was on the PS2 but it was amazing with the graphics, music and the storyline. lol your computer talk confuses.

I wish I knew a lot about computers but nope. It just goes into one ear and when it hits the brain my head goes error error and the computer information leaves through the other ear lol. Its cool you have a computer class. I don’t think we have one.

I want to buy poster for Call of Duty but my mom is like no. I think I will buy one someday and put it up as a surprise for when she walks in. An FMA promo poster that is awesome. Star Wars Battlefront 2!! I have that game for my PS2. I loved that game especially my cousin who would come over just to play it lol those were good times. I still have it and play on days when I play my PS2 games. You can’t beat the classics.   

PS. The past two week been awesome. We played the #1 seeded person in state in 4A Girls Basketball and we beat them on their home court it was awesome. Then the week after that we played a 5A school ranked #5 and we beat them on their home court. Its been awesome. Today we play our cross town rivals so tonights game will be interesting since I played basketball over the summer with one of the players she was an awesome person because she plays Call of Duty.

Jan 28, 2012