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20 JUN

recently I found a rly fun game called League of Legends or LoL.

its a free strategy game so I gave it a try. and now I have played for like 14 hours, and I was like =[ oh noes im having too much fun.

mah 2 buddies play a lot, and always get stuck with randoms. who are not always cooperative; or reasonable. ill put up some pictures and a video of my screen when I play. so anyone reading this can see what its like. I cant really describe the feel.

anyway its not hard at all to understand; although, sometimes you get put against the smarty pants people and their strategy is an iron curtain of destruction.

if you would like to give it a try  you can sign up here.

then you can find me here or in LoL (my name is n0m nom NOM3) and we can play.

if you skype you can talk to my and my friends like that or just type to us in the game chat if you are not comfortable with internet strangers like meeee.we can steal peoples sweet rolls and shoot arrows at gaurds knees ;)

^any misspellings or funny words brought to you by Mtn. Dew and 46g Sugar^

video and pictures will go Myah





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