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And now for an explanation of my rating system *Changed as of 10/7/15*

5/5 (All Time Favorites) - My top percentile of shows. These are the shows that would be in my personal top 5, and could probably tell you more about me than I ever could. This rating is reserved for shows that not only I greatly enjoy and find to be superb shows but also have something I can connect with and to me demonstrate what anime can do as a medium. These are shows where I can look past faults because of what they mean to me.

4.5/5 (Favorites) - While not in my top percentile of shows these are still shows that would rank among my favorites just not in a top list. This is beyond very enjoyable shows but also shows where I can really get behind the plot, characters, and even find some nice little messages in. However unlike perfect score shows I can't look past particular faults.

4/5 (Great) - While not anything that would be one of my personal favorites, something I can see as a great show. Great shows go beyond the call of duty and can provide a blend of enjoyment as well as other intriguing elements. However unlike a 9 or a 10 sometimes I find that a great show is more enjoyable than intriguing or more intriguing than enjoyable which is usually what keeps them from being my favorites.

3.5/5 (Good) - Pretty good show overall but definitely not one of my favorites. Usually can lean on either being very enjoyable or very intriguing but may lack in a few areas. For example a show that can be very enjoyable but I just find lacks anything else aside from that.

3/5 (Above Average) - Not bad and I kind of like it but hard for me to look past faults to keep it from truly being good in my eyes. There are things I enjoy about it and the show can actually do some impressive things objectively. However there are issues such as the fact that I was bored at times, or a few plot elements didn't click with me. Usually given to shows I feel very neutral on as in I accept they're good shows but don't like them as much as everyone else

2.5/5 (Average) - Not bad but not really good either. There's enough redeeming qualities for me to not say its bad but not enough for me to really like it as much as I want to. Usually tend to be very lacking in a few areas and I can't say I really enjoy it but there are things I like but just not enough that I can like.

2/5 (Below Average) - Not really bad but nothing I can say I particularly like. The faults outweigh the good but there is still some good in there.

1.5/5 (Bad) - Not totally irredeemable but there aren't many positive aspects about the show. Maybe a few good things like one or two interesting characters and a decent concept but nothing terribly memorable or enjoyable in any way. If anything these shows are more boring and forgettable.

1/5 (Horrible) - Shows with little to no redeeming qualities. Whereas I'll probably forget a show with a 3, this is something I'll remember for all the wrong reasons. There's more about the show that annoyed me or even outright pissed me off than I actually liked. Heck the show might have had no enjoyment at all.

0.5/5 (Atrocity) - This is just awful. This rating is for shows that are just horrific on an objective standpoint, as in there is nothing to like about the show or the creator went out of their way to make it bad. Call it anti-enjoyment if you will but this is beyond no redeeming qualities. Also Guilty Crown.

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TrickxHunter says...

Hey is really Assasination Classroom similar to Hataraku Mauo-Sama? I LOVED Mauo-Sama so I think I might give Classroom a try :)

Mar 4, 2015
Sianeka says...

Hello and welcome to a-p!!  Hope you enjoy your time here. ^_^

Aug 4, 2014