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Good day to you!

Well... I've been in and out of school, worked many different jobs. I just like entertainement! Games, movies, books and now Anime. Whenever I've got time, I'm infront of a screen watching or playing.

Anime has spiked my curiousity because of the way that some relate to the modern world, what I mean by that for example is how humanity is it's own destruction; manipulating genes (trying to be god), starting wars, fighting each other and so on.

There is always an interesting moral to the ending of each Anime series and I enjoy watching them.

I am a Construction worker now, although I'd rather be a writer (talk about how these two fields are not alike heh!).

Anyhow, enjoy all the Anime you can!


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sothis Dec 3, 2007

If you haven't seen GANTZ yet, you should!! Especially if you like EL. ^_^