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this should be a little taste of my styles :)

Greetz ICe...

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kaorisa Jul 6, 2008

hey :-D

 ja, ik begin het een HEEL klein beetje door te hebben...

juist die signature.. ik begin er nie aan jong :-D

hm, ok.. merci voor de waarschuwing! ik had die serie gewoon zien staan op dattebayo dus ik dacht da da misschien es interessant was om naar te kijken.. maar nietes dus:d thx!

ja amai, gij hebt al 't dubbele van mij gezien of tscheelt nie veel * impressed *

alé, nog aanraders, behalve love hina ( of zoiets) ? ^_^

ha! kga eens neuzen in uw watched series :-D


FrankeeGee Jul 6, 2008

Oh, you can say so if you want, I guess I don't mind, jk :p

I'm still putting together my list, if you had asked me before this I would have said I'd probably seen 20 shows and movies all together. I forgot how much I've seen :p

Anime is addictive! 

Puppet Jul 6, 2008

no i had no anime left!! T_T

it was so NOT cool, it was PURE TORTURE!!!!

after one day i went crazy!!

ten after 3 days i did some chores around the house...

like wth XD

and after a week i gave up..

i only could use my pc for playing music!! that is not cool~!

cool what kind of metal fest?

wich bands did you see?




Kallen Jul 5, 2008

Hehe GOOD JOB!!! Keep it up ^^ I haven't been able to watch anything in days TT XD

FrankeeGee Jul 5, 2008

Thank you ^.^ And yes, it is me, someone just modded it for me :)