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I am MABE.

I've been playing video games since the N64 era; Paper Mario being my first love.
However, it wasn't really my main hobby until Melee. I poured my heart into that game.
And now Brawl is a huge timesink for me. I main Zelda, and she's not low tier.
If you don't believe me, come play me sometime. ;)
I have won tourneys with her.

I also love rhythm games, especially any instrument on Rock Band, where my love for a good challenge has driven me to such lengths as playing guitar with only one or two fingers, or lefty-flip on, or with a Wiimote.

My biggest love is music, and I am a junior at Case Western Reserve University majoring in music with a concentration in audio technology.
My sense of hearing is really finely tuned; some of my classes are literally only about being able to hear how something was recorded or played.
I love playing any instrument, even though my skill isn't high. I love listening to any genre, as long as it's good.
(Most music is good, or at least decent)
But my true potential is in composition.
I hope to one day be a score composer and/or lead sound designer for film and video games.

Finally, I am a brony. I'm not a huge fan of the term, but it's true. I absolutely adore Lauren Faust's creative vision.
If you have a problem with that, then I will love and tolerate the CRAP out of you, you dang foal.

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Wealthystick Aug 14, 2011

Oh, Peach is an excellent character to piss people off with. Her ability to float around the map has caused numerous pursuers great anguish, and great pleasure to me.

The DJ is a close friend of mine, really into Trance: Tiesto, Armin van Burin, DeadMau5 etc. I personally don't care much for it, but he's very much obsessed with it, so I indulge him.

Wealthystick Aug 13, 2011

Well, when you work as an attache for the DJ, getting the venue and facilities sorted out, I spent most of my work attending to the needs of the DJ and gathering feedback. We did this type of thing moreso after the Haiti disaster. We would charge a very small fee for admission, and we generated quite large crowds. The average earning was about 2200 per rave.


Evan's a quiet sort, interesting to be around, difficult if you piss him off type of fellow.

I was raised in a no slang environment, and so I speak the Queen's English as much as possible. I very rarely speak in an informal matter, becoming a counterbalance to your own preferences it seems.


Im much more of a Lucario, Pit, and Peach player myself.

Wealthystick Aug 13, 2011

Evan Wilson, chances are you don't know him, as he was a Freshman last year. He shifted from Biomedical Eng. to Cognitive Science and Philosophy.

How delightfully humorous that you spend your free time composing music and play video games for charity, whereas in HS I helped organize raves for charity and play video games in my free time.

I am awful at Zelda, complete garbage. Whenever I go on killing sprees with other characters, I always go Zelda so they can have at least one round where I don't end up winning.

Ah, now I understand. You see, when I first read it I had to Urbandictionary the word, recieving the result "Male version of the word 'Babe'". However, since you go to Case and seem intelligent enough to string together coherent sentences without any problems whatsoever, I had my doubts that you actually thought "I am Man-babe" was an acceptable statement.


Wealthystick Aug 13, 2011

Welcome to Anime-Planet! Interesting bio, I must say that I am skeptical of the whole "Zelda owns" business, but I am sure you are far better than me, so I will take your word for it. Speaking of not understanding something you said, what in the name of Princess Celestia is a MABE?

I have a friend that goes to Case, wonderfully witty fellow, kind of drones on and on about your school's incredibly large waste of money on hideous statues, but other than that he likes it.

At any rate, welcome aboard! FYI: I only give welcome posts to people I find interesting.