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My name is Paulina, I live in Warsaw, Poland. My first language is Polish, but I speak also English and recently have started learning Japanese. I like computer games, books and RPGs. I study computer science. What's more to say? ;) If you feel interested, just write to me. I'd be happy to talk :)

First anime, which I ever saw, was Ghibli's Spirited Away - I watched it with father in the cinema, when I was eleven years old. It was wonderful experience and when I saw next Ghibli's work, Howl's Moving Castle, I was filled with admiration. However, it took me six years more to grow interest in anime. Everything changed, when I saw some episodes of Naruto in the television. It captivated me with exciting combats, rich character background, excellent music and a bit of humour. I started to wonder, if there's anime just enjoyable as Naruto? Or even BETTER?

And so began my addiction ;)


<3 - ...

3 - nothing special.

3.5 - fun to watch, I don't regret giving it my time. Not so good as 4-star and above, but still pretty entertaining.

4 - good anime, could get better score - even 5 stars - if it wasn't for some minor flaws.

4.5 - very good, I'd recommend it to anyone. Anime with this mark are interesting and well-made.

5 -  excellent! Special mark, which means "I fell in love".


My 50th rated anime was...


My 25th liked character was...

 ...Sebastian Michaelis.

My 100th rated anime was...

...Sailor Moon R

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Szwagier says...

A dziękuję, dziękuję ;] Od siebie mogę bardzo polecić One pieca, który moim zdaniem w kategorii Action/Shounen jest klasą bezkonkurencyjną i Fairy Tail, które jest nieco słabszą i w innych klimatach wersją One Pieca ;]

Pozdrawiam i życzę miłego odkrywania nowych animcow i siedzenia na a-p ;]

Jan 19, 2011
Kaplitov says...

Witaj! ^ ^

Myślę, że jest tutaj więcej polaków, tak samo jak jest na myanimelist. Ja na ten przykład właśnie z tamtąd tutaj przybyłem i w tym momencie mam dwie listy na dwóch różnych portalach.

Jan 12, 2011