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School Days

Jul 12, 2012

School kids in love is nothing new in the anime community; however when combined with cheating, sex, love trianges, and murder it ultimately leads to a slightly better than average anime.


With a title like "School Days" one would think it be an typical romantic ,school life comedy right? Lets just say for the sake of ones who haven't watched the series yet, that thought will quickly dissapear the more you watch the series.

The basic storyline of this show is average guy, Makoto, falls in love with fellow classmate, Kotonoha, so in order to gain her attention he enlists the help of his friend, Sekai. Soon both girls fall in "love" with Makoto, Makoto starts cheating on Kotonoha and turns into a sex addict. In the end something very tragic happens to our so called "protagonist" and the helper.

While it is true the elements that make up School Days have been used time and time again, the extent to which these elements are brought up are what may or may not surprise the viewer (I was certainly surprised). Also just as an FYI the ending that everyone keeps talking about is as grusome and screwed up as everyone says it is (Don't say I or anyone else didn't warn you).


The animation is nothing to spectacular, but that doesn't mean it isn't something nice to look at. The character's appearances are typical of the genre, and I wouldn't have expected anything less. As far as the ecchi aspect of the anime, it is certainly utilized better than most animes do. The way I saw it was the panty shots and everything else was meant to be  seductive in a to show sex in the high school setting. It used very well and doesn't become unbearingbly annoying. Overall it is something nice to look at however, it isn't by means a Kyoto Animations piece of work.


Now to my favorite part, the characters. Lets took at all the mains shall we? First there's the lone guy, Makoto. In the very beginning he was just a guy wanting to get a girl's attention. Then, after his little practice sessions with Sekai, turns into a sex addict. (You'll find out what I mean after the first couple of episodes). Second there's the victim in all of this, Kotonoha. She is and always was the innocent one throughout the entire ordeal, whose actions at the end was caused by the ordeal. Last but certainly not least is Sekai, Makoto's "practice" buddy. She is one of those character's you'll hate after all is said and done.

The secondaries serve as reasons why people hate absolutely despise Makoto. The character are typical of a drama. You have the guy who every girl wants (Makoto), the quiet, innocent girl (Kotonoha), and the fiesty, headtstrong girl (Sekai). I truly believe the all the characters belong in a mental institution.


While it may seem I'm badgering School Days by saying its nothing extordinary, believe me when I say the show does have its fair share of good qualities. While it sounds far fetched, School Days serves as a reminder of the extremes of high school drama. It may not have happened to us while we were at school but, that does not mean it didn't happen to someone, somewhere at some point in time. Also tells what can when you do decide to cheat on someone. It is labeled as a horror, but it is not horrific to the point where you'll piss yourself if you watch this in the dark. However it may have you thinking are the people in your school really what they seem to be? 

I would recommend this to people who would want to watching something other than an average school life anime, but I wouldn't highly recommend it.

P.S. This is my first review so I would love it if you could leave your commments telling me what I can improve on. Thank you so much for reading fellow otakus! 

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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