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Hey, I'm a uni student who enjoys running long distances, especially in a well forested hill of some sort, then sitting round in my 'skins' drawing a picture or reading a story that usually incorporates great philosphies like how to live my life, which I never actually incorporate into my life cause I'm too busy reading the damn things all the time.

Anyway, my favourite anime character would have to be: Manaka Kisaragi, or the girl from boogiepop phantom who releases butterflies of light upon curious people who encounter her.

------Next would have to be Kenshin,

------also Ed and Spike(Cowboy Bebop),

------Lord Canti the 'TV angel'(FLCL),

------Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga(Azumango Daioh) because she is such a random blur of my own daydreaming days.

------And even though Ergo Proxy was such a dissapointment in the end I have to put Pino in here because she is a great character that adds a light-hearted and honest naivity to a bleak heavy show, providing the simple answers or questions...

------...Also Skwisgaar Skwiglef, the lead guitar from dethklok is the man cause he's pretty much the animated version of Alexi from Children of Bodom (I'm listening to them at the moment)...and Toki cracks me up. Toki:"Candy. Tastes like chicken, if chicken were a candy." Lmfao that kicks my teeth in every time.

My favourite non-anime films include Deer Hunter, A Clockwork Orange, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Waking Life, Tsotsi, The Lives of Others, Amelie and Wasabi (although I only just recently saw Wasabi so time hasn't had the chance to wear that one down yet). They're all great films that should be watched with an open mind, but are essentially a great experience...I'd also have to add the series Carnivale, loved it since the moment I saw it and know that any anime fan would thoroughly enjoy this.

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kenshina Jul 11, 2008

Hiya.  Thanks for letting a message.

The ava, there is no way you've seen it before.

^^ Because it is an unique one.  Created from my picture. =_="  So there is no way you've seen else where. (tehehe)  Or perrhaps someone else took it and used it ??

It's strange yea... heh... my sis said it's spooky =_=""'''

And what's Skwisgaar??

See ya.

kenshina Jul 9, 2008


I know those characters! (well.. I guess it is kinda famous) Although the names escape from me.

So cute!  ^^  ---------------------------------------------------- Back after rechecking the ava

how silly me, the names are written on the ava >_<