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Hi my name is Dan anime is a problem for me. Once I find something I like a lil I can't put it down until I finish all of it or I am caught up to where it is currently airing at. New animes are a problem for me since I hate waiting 1 week for new epsiode to come out. I got into anime by watching dbz as a kid and digimon at 7 in the moring. When I really started going hard it was thanks to one of my friends who introducted me to a great starter anime bleach. Which is when I watched 170 episode in a week. I have yet to find someone irl to watch as fast as I do sometimes hopefully one day I will find that person.

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WhiteKitkat95 Dec 25, 2012

Thanks! You too! :b

WhiteKitkat95 Dec 19, 2012

I didn't watch that much drama and romantic animes, but i wish to watch more!

Thanks to you i can watch now great animes of that type! ☺

Singan Dec 19, 2012

Hi, pardon for the late reply) regarding your questions:

1) I watch animes to enjoy them in the first place. You know, I don't get paid for my reviews) it's just fun to practice writing skills and also a way to help others;

2) the job of the reviewer is to balance objective vices and virtues with his/her subjective opinion, and that balance is different in every case. Sometimes, a show has numerous flaws, and yet you enjoy it, sometimes it's the other way round. The goal is to analyze and explain why you like/dislike and why other people might like/dislike it. And not just to write your opinion, like "OMG it's a fantastic show; watch it!" or vice versa) because that won't give readers any valuable information.

That's the basic thing. The rest i.e. style, length, rating scale etc., are everyone's personal choice.

WhiteKitkat95 Dec 15, 2012

Well thank you! :D 

Now i'm thinking to make a top 10, because there's so many awsome animes...

I'm watching clannad, it's really kawaii *-* everythime i think about it i start to sing "Dango Family" lool :p

Do you know more drama animes? i would like to watch another one that really toutches in the heart :p

Singan Dec 13, 2012

Oh, that's simple: I don't normally add them because they aren't difficult to remember) so, I just watch 1 show at time and add it to the "watched" section when I finish it. Besides, adding animes is not my main goal - rather, it's writing reviews and meeting new people.