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Sword Art Online

Dec 31, 2012

sword art

Oh sword art online how you could of been better. When I first heard of SOA the idea seemed to be unique and I was really pumped up to watch it. The idea starts with a new game comes out for a nerve gear which is a helmet you wear that makes the user in the game. They can control their character with their mind. This new game the main character Kirito beta tested and is ready to play the game on released date. Kirito soon realizes that you their is no log out. Soon afterwards all the characters teleport to the town square and the game creator Kayaba Akihiko makes their character what they actually look like in real life and he says if you die you die in real life. The goal is to clear all 100 floors to win the game and get out of the game. The story is interesting and is showing you how Kirito has to fight for his life to get out of this game. Many people say oh the story skips floors it skips like 50 floors. Well I don't know how much budget they had (probably a lot due to the amazing artwork) but I'm actually happy they skipped some floors so it wasn't a bleach, too many episodes and gets boring fast. The action is lackluster at times and could of been better at times the action isn't really their boss fights are like five minutes long at times and could of been a lot better than what it was. SOA has 2 Main arcs the first is in SOA and the 2nd is the in a fairy game. The 1st I enjoyed a lot but the 2nd It didn't seem that good.. For whatever reason I didn't really enjoy it until the end, I felt like it was rushed with not that much character development.

Beautiful. Clean amazing every scene, characters, gear, bosses, everything about this looks clean and amazing. Probably some of the best animation I've seen in awhile if anything you like about SOA it has to be the animation its so clean and well done.


Both OP and ED were great and a pleasure to listen to. The sound in the anime itself is pretty well done it fits the mood and makes the animation enjoyable.


While not horrible it wasn't the best. The two main characters Kirito and Asuna really stand out and are well done but every other character isn't as well done or even that important. The other main character Kirito's sister Suguha is suppose to be important but I can't really care for her. All I care about is Kirito and Asuna when she is introduced and even though they try to make her seem important It just fails for me. I couldn't care about her at all. All the other characters do their job they support the main character and give them more development towards you and gives helps you understand their motives. The main characters Kirito and Asuna usually stay true to who they are they don't all the sudden change what hey believe in and do something else whatever they do usually makes logical sense.


SOA is a great anime. It's definitely worth the time to watch and even If you don't have any interest in the story the artwork and sound should blow you away. They only 2 characters I really care about but they do a great job on them. It was sort of slow at sometimes but It wasn't unbearable. The plot holes aren't that bad and what the characters do makes logical sense that anyone would do. It was an enjoyable watch hopefully a 2nd season that will be a lot better and maybe a little longer. They still have more light novels to base the anime off of

7.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.7/10 overall
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Singan Jan 22, 2013

Hey, didn't know you already wrote a review ;) since you asked my opinion, here it is:

- I like that you inserted some pictures and kept the review at a proper length: not too long, not too short. Also, you logically explained what you liked & disliked about the show, and that's the main thing. Overall, your review looks nice, easy to read and understand;

- as for your opinion on the show... Well, I dropped it after 5 or 6 episodes and consider it really subpar, mainly because of poor direction, fights based on cheap special effects, terrible lack of logic when it comes to plot and characters' behavior, and general fanservice nature of the series. Also, the animation and music were nice, but not nearly 10/10.

If you want a more detailed explanation why I disliked it, there are a number of critical reviews here on anime-planet that pretty much resonate with my opinion. I'm not interested in arguing and I respect your view. The only thing I recommend is to watch more good anime because everything is judged through comparison. For instance, if you want an example of 10/10 animation & music with fantastic cold weapon fights, try Kara no Kyoukai, Samurai Champloo or Seirei no Moribito.