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Hi my name is Dan anime is a problem for me. Once I find something I like a lil I can't put it down until I finish all of it or I am caught up to where it is currently airing at. New animes are a problem for me since I hate waiting 1 week for new epsiode to come out. I got into anime by watching dbz as a kid and digimon at 7 in the moring. When I really started going hard it was thanks to one of my friends who introducted me to a great starter anime bleach. Which is when I watched 170 episode in a week. I have yet to find someone irl to watch as fast as I do sometimes hopefully one day I will find that person.

Top 10 animes

1. Clannad - by far my favorite anime

2. Toradora!

3. Usagi Drop

4. Code Geass

5. Kuroko's Basketball

6. Psycho-Pass

7. Chuunibyou

8. Air

9. Haruhi Suzumiya

10. Baccano!

Top 10 movies

1. Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya

2. Spirited Away

3. 5cm per second

4. Graves of the Fireflies

5. Clannad the movie

6. Wolf Children

7. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

8. Howl's Moving Castle

9. Laputa: Castle in the Sky

10. The Place we Promised In Our Early Day

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February 23, 2014

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WhiteKitkat95 avatar WhiteKitkat95


Aug 14, 2013

Hey there! Yep, it's true it's been a while! :D

Lately i watched some drama animes, i never cried so hard with one! (it's was with Clannad After Story) and today i just finished Ano Hana! It's so beaurifull!Do you know more drama animes? :D

 Hope you're fine :DWhat are you doing lately? :DEheh >\\\<

sothis avatar sothis


Apr 28, 2013

Hiya, just spreading the word about this, if you have a few mins please check/fill it out as the results will directly impact the redesign we're working on for Anime-Planet :) thank you! http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/site-announcements/179685-please-fill-out-survey-asap-help-influence-our-redesign.html

Also please spread the word to your friends (even if they don't use AP!) ^_^

callycat avatar callycat


Feb 13, 2013

If you have a local library, perhaps they have manga? At my library, there's a whole room dedicated to anime and manga. :) I believe Fruits Basket is on youtube, look it up sometime if you'd like. And if you're interested in romance anime, I'd recommend Shugo Chara! It's a long anime but it's worth it! Kamisama Hajimemashita, Ouran High School Host Club, Suki-tte Ii na yo, and Vampire Knight are great romance animes! <3 Good luck! I use my ipad when watching anime. There's an app called "CrunchyRoll" where you can watch quite a bit anime. Check it out! :) 

callycat avatar callycat


Feb 4, 2013

Fruits Basket is simply a feel good anime. Each episode contains a well played out life lesson which helps the characters grow in their own unique way. As each character copes with thier own problems, they begin to change and develop. Some more than others and most likely you will relate to at least one of the characters. There's not much romance in Fruits Basket . It's a re-verse harem, comedy, and all around heartful. The ending was sad and there are some tearful moments through out the anime. Fruits Basket captures the heart of the viewer and I absolutely love every character. The animation is average, nothing over the top. As you finish the last episode it continues with the manga. I read the manga, it's very good! I'd recommend it! 

Singan avatar Singan


Jan 23, 2013

You're welcome ;)

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