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Sousei no Aquarion

Feb 27, 2012

This anime truely drove me insane with the massive amount of potential that was wasted!  The story is pretty mediocre.  Essentially, a group of teenagers team up to fight evil angels and save all of man kind.  This basic concept really bored me.  They made it a bit interesting when they started making the audience question who was evil in the war.  However, there were too many scenes that ended devolving into "power of friendship" cheesy shots.  All you anime fans know what I'm talking about.  My other massive problem was, in the beginning, it sort of came off as a battle of the week anime where a new and bigger mecha must be defeated in every episode.  This format continued for so long that it got boring really quickly.  Then it made itself worse by almost transforming into an after school special.  They had episodes about rumors, dieting and the power of acceptance.  I felt like I was having a moral lesson shoved down my throat for half of it.  I don't think the plot is the strong point of this anime.  In fact, the plot was entirely dissappointing.

The animation is not bad.  Most of it is nothing to cheer over but the battle scenes were well done and I liked how the world of the Shadow Angels was designed.  The animation, for the most part, goes somewhat unnoticed.  It is not distracting in any way (which is both good and bad.)  There weren't any parts that stuck out as being horrendous but I also wouldn't watch it for the art.

The sound began to irritate me after a while.  I liked the themes for the show.  The openings were fairly perky and fun.  They caught my attention and seemed like they belonged in the show.  The ending theme was beautiful and really captured the original greek mythology deal that the whole show is based on.  However, the creators didn't know when to quit.  For almost every battle sequence they would just reuse whichever opening appeared at the beginning of the episode.  Some of the times it fit and some of the time it didn't.  Yet, the creators insisted on jamming it in wether it was needed or not.

The characters are where this show begins to shine.  Apollo is likeable and fun in his animalistic mannerisms.  Somehow, it is pretty endearing when he was going off to catch rats or bite someone on the ankle.  Sylvia is a bit irritating and her obsession with her brother doesn't seem healthy but, at the same time, her motives are well explained so she becomes interesting.  Sirius was one of my favorites.  He was always hiding who he was from the world which drove him to make some massive decisions in the show.  His inner conflict was interesting to watch.  I wish that some of the relationships had been more fleshed out.  This show has a tendancy to gloss over the love that some characters would have reason to feel and go straight to hatred.  I also liked the past lives concept.  It came up a bit too conveniently but I felt satisfied with how that issue was resolved by the end.

All in all, if you are interested in seeing some good characters it is worth a try.  Although, I must admit that you have to go through some flaws to see it.

3/10 story
6.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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