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Feb 1, 2012

I understand that a rating this low for Trigun is a bit out of the ordinary so I am not expecting pleasant reactions.

The story for Trigun is that of a man who is always on the run because of the bounty on his head and ultimately seeking a way to resolve his past.  I had really high hopes for this anime.  I have had it recommended to me by a lot of people and it's reputation precedes itself.  I figured it was worth trying.  I was left dissappointed.  The entire series was always a reiteration of its key point that it is not for any one human to decide who lives or dies.  Yet, to a degree I didn't think this show added anything new to the argument and often kept bringing up the same points again and again.  I feel like it didn't make me think more deeply about the concept of killing and didn't bring up anything I hadn't already thought of. Should you kill someone who is trying to kill you?  Should you kill the person who is about to kill your friends?  Should you kill the person who is going to destroy the world?  Yet the answer, a MAJORITY, of the time is always just "save everyone."  I feel like that is a wonderful idea in theory but isn't practicle when most humans aren't like Vash and don't have amazing abilities to make sure everyone comes out alright.  There is only one episode that I liked and it was the only one that broke this little chain of repetition.  I would have been able to put up with a lot of this if the ending solved anything.  I kept thinking what would happen after the last episode and it doesn't seem like the actions in the final episode would have made a difference at all.

The animation was choppy and relied on a lot of still shots.  The backgrounds were alright but nothing to stare at.  At the beginning I could put up with the animation a bit more but it just seemed to get lazier and lazier.  I sometimes judge the animation on if I can notice a loop (such as if a characters hair is moving or snow is falling.)  This was one anime where most of their loops were incredibly obvious and I have to think that they weren't even trying to hide it.  I know that this anime isn't new but I have seen far more impressive animation come out around the same time.

I actually enjoyed the sound more than anything else in this show.  The music was interesting and distinctive.  I also liked the main voice actors a lot.  This catagory would have been ranked higher if so many of the small time villains didn't have such laughable voices.  I couldn't even take their fights seriously.

I feel like I could have been more leniant with this review if I had liked the characters better.    I liked Vash when he had a smile on in spite of his problems.  I was relieved to find a character who didn't mope for episode upon episode.  However, when he finally started his mope fest he lost a lot of the parts of his personality that I liked.  I got tired of how depressed and glowering he started to get.  I am not saying he didn't have the right to be upset.  The poor guy had been through a lot.  I just got tired of watching his attitude.  The insurance girls were neither here nor there for me.  I thought they were fairly boring and stereotypical.  I cannot even describe my dissappointment in Legato.  I love a crazy psychopathic character. The more sadistic the better.  However, Legato was entirely unoriginal.  When he first appeared I was intrigued but I soon realized he was just going to hang around for episode after episode to send his minions after Vash.  He is what every other unoriginal sadist is; just a calculating killer who is going to order other people around.  I was tired of him quickly.  His part in episode 24 (for those fans who know what I am talking about) was the most interesting part he played.  I was actually moved by this episode more than any other but it wasn't enough to make up for every other episode he appeared in.  Wolfwood was actually intriguing and was my favorite character by far.  If more of the characters had been as interesting as him I would have better remarks to make about this catagory.

Ultimatley, I was underwhelmed.  I was expecting fourth of July fireworks and got a fizzling sparkler.  It was somewhat entertaining but isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  Everyone who likes it is welcome to his/her opinion.  I just think that reviewers should also hear from someone who wasn't crazy about it. 

6/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.9/10 overall
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Jehowi Nov 13, 2013

Great review.