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Aoi Bungaku Series

Aug 18, 2011

(Note: I have no idea what to call the separated stories in this series so I am calling them "arches" even if I know that isn't the most proper word to describe them.)

Story: Aoi Bungaku Series is a compilation of multiple horror stories into one anime.  Thus, it is difficult to rate the story as a whole.  The first four episodes, which are all part of the same arche, are a 10 by themselves.  If all of the episodes had been that good this rating would be higher.  However, the second story arche was completely rediculous, in my opinion.  The entire style changed to become more silly.  The rest of the stories were well done but did not measure up to the first four episodes.  However, the rest of them were ultimately high quality, except for a couple of arches which I felt were too short.

Animation:  In a word, "Excellent."  There were some truely facinating scenes that sometimes came off as trippy but always intriguing.

Sound:  I really enjoyed the themes.  I thought they were all very telling about the show.  The voice actors did an excellent job.  None of them stood out to me as being really awful.

Characters:  Some of the characters were stronger than others.  Yozo is a deep and facinating character.  He is a truely disturbed person and (as the audience) I was always questioning wether his problems were supernatural or psychological, which I found intriguing.  Shigemaru came off as a bit rediculous  and underdeveloped (then again, this was the only arche I truely disliked.)  K and Sensei were two very excellent characters.  This arche is told from both there perspectives and this made it easier to empathize with both of them.  Takada was an intriguing character, but I was left thinking he could have been developed more.  Kandata was such an interesting character to watch.  I think he would have been my favorite character in the show if his arche wasn't so short!  I feel like they wasted a great character with him.  Yoshihide was an interesting character, but I don't feel like some of his actions are explained well enough and I was left a little confused.

It is an intriguing show.  I definately recommend watching it if your in the mood for something very psychological and quite bizarre

7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.1/10 overall
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