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Jan 22, 2013

Story:  In hindsight, I think I can more accurately judge this anime for what it is.  It's pretty much a Bishonen version of "Faust."  The story is of a character making a deal with the devil where the devil agrees to serve them until their wish is granted but once the wish has come true the devil gets their soul. (Also, there is a character in the second season with the last name Faustus so I think that speaks for itself.)  It's an old story and Kuroshitsuji doesn't do the best job telling it.  However, in spite of that I couldn't help but enjoy myself throughout the tale.  It was so crazy and off the wall that, at times, I didn't mind just sitting back and being taken along for the ride.  

Animation:  The animation is fair for the most part.  It is a little stiff at times and some of their animation loops are pretty obvious.  It isn't an anime where I will stop or rewind a scene to re-watch it for the animation.  The character designs are fun and fit the feel of the story very well for the most part but it is really missing a wow factor for me.

Sound:  I really enjoyed the sound in this anime.  I enjoyed every opening and closing theme.  Also, all of the Japanese voice actors did an excellent job with their parts and the voices were almost perfect.  The English cast is a mix of the excellent with the not so excellent.  While Brina Palencia makes an excellent Ciel and Chuck Huber makes a terrifying Ashe, I actually found J. Michael Tatum to be lacking as Sebastian (I usually love his voice acting so this was disappointing to me) and John Swasey had the most bizarre cockney accent I have ever heard for Undertaker.  The background music for the show really heightened the mood in almost every scene without being over the top.

Characters:  This show has a really entertaining grab bag of characters for this show.  Ciel was actually an interesting main character to watch the journey of and he gained some dimension as the show drew on.  Grell is possibly the most entertaining and crazy character I have seen in years.  His character is pretty one dimensional but he's so hilarious that I'm not going to complain.  Undertaker was one of my favorite characters with all his crazy laughter and strange quirks.  I wish we got a bit more insight into why he had some of the habits that he did (like eating dog biscuits).  Sebastian is somehow both a hit and miss for me.  Honestly, the show got so much more interesting for Ciel when Sebastian was not around.  He was really put through the ringer and came out as a more interesting character because he didn't have this all powerful demon butler to do anything and everything for him and still have tea served on time (because he's just one hell of a butler.)  At the same time, Sebastian's character was so dangerously collected.  He is the best mix of proper English gentlemen and frightening Mephisto.  He was actually one of my favorite characters in the show, I just felt like his presence was inhibiting the growth of other characters.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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