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Call me Olie Olie Oxenfree.

My favorite anime's are psychological, action filled and original.

I usually don't like slice of life or mecha anime's but I have still found anime in both those genre's that I like.

My requirements for a great anime (must have three or more):

1) Beautiful animation

2) A great villain

3) A likeable main character

4) An elaborate plot

5) Some really insane characters

6) A great ending

I am pretty difficult to please when it comes to anime.  I enjoy a lot of anime but there are only a select few that I recommend to others.

Likes: Art, Drama, Music, Horror Movies, Sushi staplers, Musicals and Intriguing People

Dislikes: hot weather, the sun, ignorance, unbelievable characters, real sushi and the fact that true silence does not exist.


Life on anime

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85 total

What?! No manga ratings?

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sothis says...

Hiya, just spreading the word about this, if you have a few mins please check/fill it out as the results will directly impact the redesign we're working on for Anime-Planet :) thank you!

Also please spread the word to your friends (even if they don't use AP!) ^_^

Apr 28, 2013