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Pretty much I will watch any type of show as long as I find it interesting, and because of that i have seen a wide variety of shows.


On a side note my top 10 list is waaaaaaaaay out of date and im absolutely horrible at picking favorites or (rating anything fore that matter) when it comes to anime...so if i ever figure it out ill fix it.  Oh, and my anime list is a good bit out of date in some areas and yet up to date in others....meh ill get around to it eventually.

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Casiphia says...

Heya Horus =D, its been a while...

Oct 7, 2011
CommanderKarasu says...

That seems so unorganized. >> xD

Dec 29, 2010
CommanderKarasu says...

The "watching" list wouldn't be too bad. xD I'd do it.

Dec 29, 2010
CommanderKarasu says...

xD How can you be THAT lazy?

Dec 29, 2010
CommanderKarasu says...

Your watching list is..uhm. >> Big. xD

Dec 29, 2010