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  Just your typical guy, I suppose, that hasn't experienced anime for as long as some. I have no real preferences but I tend to lean towards romantic comedy and mecha genre. I really enjoy any show that leaves you wondering (either speechless or breathless), yet concludes. Leaving it open for a sequel is ok, but you have to deliver said sequel. At the moment I still have a bunch of anime shelved, just waiting to be watched. Often the problem is life and work keep getting in the way. I have to feed the habits somehow, so sleeping is optional.

  I want to experience as much anime as I can, both the good and the bad ones, for as long as it is acceptable to have this mindset.

   Currently cleaning the profile and updating watch status and ratings. Haven'y been on the site much since the podcast fizzled.

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Etue Mar 28, 2015

Keep up the good work on the podcasts. 

Shiomi83 Aug 4, 2009

Welcome aboard, bro!