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  Just your typical guy, I suppose, that hasn't experienced anime for as long as some. I have no real preferences but I tend to lean towards romantic comedy and mecha genre. I really enjoy any show that leaves you wondering (either speechless or breathless), yet concludes. Leaving it open for a sequel is ok, but you have to deliver said sequel. At the moment I still have a bunch of anime shelved, just waiting to be watched. Often the problem is life and work keep getting in the way. I have to feed the habits somehow, so sleeping is optional.

  Right now I am a part of a web podcast that is getting off the ground. It is the Ink-tellectual Podcast with me and Vince of "Wow I Suck [WIS]". It is my first time attempting anything like it, and I will continue contributing to the podcast to hone my verbal skills, and to eliminate my fear of public speaking.

  I want to experience as much anime as I can, both the good and the bad ones, for as long as it is acceptable to have this mindset.


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Etue says...

Keep up the good work on the podcasts. 

Mar 28, 2015
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Aug 18, 2009
Shiomi83 says...

Welcome aboard, bro!

Aug 4, 2009