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Tatsukishi says...

Well, what I hate about Sugou (and in general) is superiority complex together with his general weirdness.

And I guess Suguha ended up on my bad side for blaming Kazuto that she fell in love with him (despite it being pretty clear that he loves Asuna - even if you didn't know of anything that happened within SAO) added with the general emptyness of the ALO-Arc in the anime.

I'll see that I watch Mirai Nikki some time, though at the moment I have some other animes queued.^^

And your english is very good too; easy to understand for me ;)

Feb 24, 2014
Xplayer says...

I'd say dropped if I managed to complete the first episode. Won't watch means I couldn't even do that :P

Feb 24, 2014