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Hey peeps, just your average bored person surfin web nothin else to do in school holidays thinks "I wonder if i could find the episode i missed", Googled it and voila, quite by chance, i found anime.

Two years later and many series watched, i've learnt two important things:

I LOVE ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like manga too =)

The rest is history...



Life, Truth and Wisdom are the things i value the most, in that order, though i wouldn't  mind a pint either *hiccup*, Fosters or a Bud preferred =P

So, about me eh? Short but sweet, with a tendacy to ramble... well, im actually tall but thats not what i meant... have a habit of contradicting myself, but thats part of being human. As far as anime goes i prefer animes with depth and good plots, you know, Code Geass type of thing, but i like romance series a lot too, though i'm bored of the cliche pool/beach scenes and the "oops, i fell on you and fondled your breasts" scene... god i hate cliche.


Recent Update:

Just started university at Lancaster , studying Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology, which is a mouthful to say. In my 4th week and i've already been out drinking more times than i care to count =P , nuff said. Had a few problems with the internet here, but nothing i couldn't worm my way around.


Quick Questions:

Any hobbies (other than the obvious -.- )?

yup, i've tried my hand at climbing, snowboarding, swimming, keyboard, guitar (it smashed, don't ask), wasn't ever really good at em but hey, i tried... a bit... ok maybe i didn't really, climbing is fun though and is my current hobby of choice (well, ignoring anime/manga anyway)

Relationship status?

no comment... well, i wouldn't mind but i'm not actively looking, wait thats a comment, err... moving on swiftly

What music do you like?

well, i listen to a lot of different bands atm Hoobastank, Back-On, Greeeen, Orange Range and Asian Kung-Fu Generation to name a few, not to mention a hell of a lotta OSTs, but most of my music is Rock/J-Rock genre

Goals for your future?

apart from world domination, which is looking more and more unlikely, i'd like to go into the theoretical physics area, studying things like singularities, quantum physics and the like. Basically i wanna learn more about the universe we live in. Not your usual ambitions no, but its interesting... to me anyway.

if you have anything you want me to add, just ask, for now im outta ideas


Anime/Manga Firsts and Records:

First anime watched:

ever: Dragonball Z (watched a lotta CN when i was little but this is the first thing i remember)

online: Tokyo Mew Mew (its bad i know now, but i loved it at the time)

First manga:

ever: Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode... erm... fail =/

bought: O-Parts Hunter/666 Satan a good manga, all in all one of my favs

First tears shed:

of sadness: Clannad AS (when nagisa dies, epicly great anime)

of laughter: One Piece (episode 200 with the flavour dial, i'd had a few pints though)


all nighter: hehe 7:00am new years eve 2009

marathon: gundam seed destiny in a day, quite a while... but skimmed through the recap eps

i can't think of anymore to add.. suggestions?


Food for Thought

The only things i want in life are Everything, Nothing and Someone to share it with

A Person can be Intelligent whereas People are savage beasts

This world is a Comedy to those who think, a Tragedy to those who feel

The best Plan is a Solution

A Perfect world is not an Ideal world

"I see the World as it is, in shades of Gray"

The meaning of Life is to Live


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BlackRozeOtaku Dec 12, 2011

hey dude you should drop by and leave aa message once and a while!ive been active recently on the forums and sites and it wouldnt hurt to get in touch with all my A-P friends again:)

BlackRozeOtaku Jun 9, 2011

hey been a while since weve talked:o

just thought id stop by and say hi to an old anime friend on here lol

wolfangel87 Nov 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Nottzyguy Apr 4, 2010

Oh, and great taste i anime as well :D

Looks much like mine xD

Nottzyguy Apr 4, 2010


Just happened to get onto ur profile :P

Very cool profile m8..Nice job!

Gotta write some text to mine as well someday xD