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Hi Hi Hi!!!

What's up Anime Peepz! I'm Hitsuna Shi, (It means Silent Death, my friend picked out the name so

I'm gunna stick with it.) But you can call me Lily, or Hitsu Or just Hitsuna. I love anime and manga,

not really picky about the anime's I watch but I will NEVER EVER watch some type of Hentai anime. So

Don't even bother mentioning the name of one. I'm a nice person as long as you don't get my bad

Side. The only way to do that is 1. Take away my cookies. 2. Take away my ramen. Or 3. Tell me that

Grimmjow is not the hottest Espada. Do any of those things and I'll show you mah claws!! ≧∀≦ Not

Really, I wouldn't hurt a fly. Well'z, Bye!!

≧∀≦ Gimme Teh Cookie ≧∀≦

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SinTheory says...

Welcome to Anime Planet!!!! I hope you enjoy your time here :D

Nov 2, 2011