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Angel Beats!

28 JUN

Ok... so maybe I'm just in the after glow of this show, but at the moment, I feel like this show is an absolute masterpiece. The comedy was a hit for me, and I've never had any problems with shows that have both comedy and serious drama in the same episode, it makes it seem more realistic to me actually, because it's not like the characters know that a huge bombshell of an event or story is going to be dropped later on, it just happens. I was constantly coming up with new meanings behind the show with each episode, usually being completely off, but nonetheless, still made me think about them and stop to think about the rest of my life, which only one other show has ever made me do that, which would be Kino's Journey (Highly recommend). I started watching this show when it was at episode 6, because I read like a two sentence blog mentioning the show and how it plays on RPG tropes, so I started watching it thinking it was going to be like The Tower of Druaga..... yea I was wayyyyyy off. By the end of the first episode, I thought it was a commentary about people getting caught up in the current of life, and just going with the times, never stopping to think for themselves and essentially wasting their lives. Like... until like episode 9 or 10, I still believed that the NPC's were really just humans who were caught up just going to school and doing what they were told, and would eventually "vanish".... once again... I was wayyy off, but it still got me thinking about that concept. Anywho the show was incredible on all accounts; The animation and artwork was definitely the best I've ever seen in a show (animation/artwork is a huge factor in most shows I watch. It needs to fit the story). The music, both OP/ED and the insert songs were great and really elevated the scenes. This is the only show I've ever watched the OP and ED with every episode. I've watched the OP every episode for Black Lagoon, Darker than Black, and most of Kino's Journey, but never both the OP and ED. The story was amazing and deep and had a heart, which is very important for a show.... its gotta have heart. Comedy was excellent, black humor is usually funny in my book as long as its taken lightheartedly as it is here.

So.... long story short, this show is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. Can't wait till it gets liscenced and I can buy the DVD's so I can force all my friends to watch it

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JOz09 avatar JOz09
Nov 16, 2010

I fell in love with this story in one sitting. I just Favorited every character. Why? Because I love everyone of them!

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