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Let's start with the important info:

1. AMV's got me into anime.

2. One Piece is the best.

3. DBZ, Pokemon & Digimon were my first.

4. Love Hina was my first sub. (Not counting Ninja Scroll)

Im a junior in college. I'm really into anime and video games though none of my friends really are so I need places to vent. I don't dislike everything I dropped, some of them are just shows that I happened to catch a couple episodes at one place or another. Buf if I gave it a half star, then I will never go back to that unless someone can reasonably convince me. If you do take issue with me ragging on a show, please feel free to comment about why you think I'm wrong. I realize that my rants come down pretty hard, but thats just my writing style, I'm actually very optimistic and laid back about most things.

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