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Damn, been awhile since I was on here. Hi.

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lanaa Nov 18, 2010

Thanks for the blog comment haha :D yeah Fairy Tail is gonna be pretty long, but it depends on how many views it gets as it goes on. I heard at the moment it's gonna stop after the next story arc for a bit because it's trying to avoid fillers.

Yeah I hope Highschool of the Dead continues. I really can't agree with the way they ended the anime. Oh and I'm watching your AMV at the moment. It's really really good :D:D:D .

For True Tears, I agree completely. The producers probably just wanted to screw viewers over -.- If I knew it was gonna end like that, I don't think I would've wanted to watch it. That kind of thing pisses me off.

I noticed your avatar when I saw your comment on my profile. You watch School days ? Omgosh, that anime was so weird and screwed up. I was in shock. I actually thought it was a normal anime when I first started watching it. But it was still realistic in a way.

Comment back (: I really want to hear what you think.

ukato Nov 18, 2010

Ok just saw your avs, pretty cool ^^

I really like the Kotomi shaking her butt one, lol

With the Rocket Chair one from Angel Beats, did you do some effects to slow down the frame rate at the beginning of the sequence? Coz it seems really slow at the start, but when he crashes into the roof it got a lot faster. Oh wait, did u use the sequence from the episode when they do a replay in slow-mo?

With the Zero's cape one, there's a bit that seems weird. Like, the petals are flickering and staying the same place for about a second. Is that from a repeated image in the sequence looping?

And the KissxSis one in the bath, how did you make her spin back to the original postion? Is it to do with that "third method" you told me about?


About the 3 methods, i think i understand now, after reading it twice.

So the first one is basically, just the most simple one. You take a sequence from a show. Make it into a GIF, and when the sequence ends, it just auto-loops back to the beginning. So for slowere gifs, it might look a bit weird - Kind of like my Tomoko Angel one that i had before, coz it suddenly snaps back to the beginning.

The second one, with connecting back to the starting image, is that kind of like my CURRENT avatar? Her tear drops seem to keep looping forever, because when i was choosing the files from the episode to use in my sequence, i ended on one shot that her tears would follow realistically back into the first shot. The only problem was that her mouth seems to move a bit fast, lol.

The third method... i don't really understand it. Are you COPY-PASTA-ing some image sequences back again..?!? I'd be really grateful if you could explain this method again in a bit more detail. I think this is how you made that KissXSis bath scene one, because she is somehow magically ROTATING BACK into her original position, which is just plain scary because of how awesomely well it works as a gif.

Cheers ^.^

ukato Nov 18, 2010

Hey thanks for posting about making gifs, im still reading through your 2 comments again so i fully understand what you mean, but im going to reply about anime recommendations first:


hey a lot of the shows you've seen and liked, ive also liked as well ^.^ I guess we have pretty similar tastes... hmm... seeing as you like dorama-rom-coms as well, i was going to recommend things like ef, true tears, myself yourself, sola, clannad, kanon, air, angel beats, etc... but looking through your watched list, you've seen most of these, haha.

OH WAIT YOU HAVENT SEEN "AIR" OR "KANON" HAVE YOU???? I don't think you have because it doesn't seem to be on your list, but i may have just skipped over them.

Hmm, looking back at your comment, interesting how you talked about finishing Dance in the Vampire Bund, and then started talking about drama rom-coms. I didn't find much com or rom in DVB ?

For drama, "Highschool of the Dead" was pretty good. It was very psychological too at the beginning, playing on human emotions in a zombie apocalypse scenario.


Now onto that question you asked at the end... ^.^

Im really a guy, but i find this discussion very interesting so:

"from the way you write and your choice of avatars I am guessing you are a girl" - Does my writing really sound like a girl? And actually, why did you say my avvys suggested me being a girl? Coz how i see it, i'd rather look at a pic of a cute girl than a guy, so all my avs have been girls that i find moe/cute/etc. I dont think i've used a guy's pic as an av since.... since ages, actually.

"but you could also be trolling" - lol

"considering your diverse taste in anime" - hmm? really, is my taste in anime diverse? i thought that recently, all i've been watching was ecchi smut, lol.

"I have gender trolled before when I was bored" - haha, lol. That's party the reason i've left my age and gender blank on my profile XD

"Telling from my writing alone am I a girl or a boy? :D" - now this one i cant really say. Because i think i looked at your age and gender sometime in the past, so i've already held in my mind that you were a boy (assuming that's true). And then i see your Makoto av and that further makes me think you're a boy. AHH!! NOW i see where you're coming from about my choice of avatars... hmm.. you're right, for some reason i associate your male av with you the user being male. But when i select my own avs, i always pick girls because of my "i'd rather be looking at a pic of a girl, than a pic of a boy"-mentality.     Very interesting.

So i would be inclined to say, from your writing, i would say you're a boy. But that is quite likely influenced by your gender shown as Male, and your Makoto av. Not sure.

That was a very interesting and fun discussion ^^

ukato Nov 14, 2010

Hey ^^

Omg i collect anisongs and put them on my ipod too~!! XD

And YES you're absolutely right about the song bringing back memories of the show, that's why i often get the songs if i liked the show, regardless of whether the song itself was any good, lol. I often end up liking the song if i liked the series

I LOVE the Higurashi OPs, they're soooooooooo good :)

You should see Higurashi ga Naku Koro ni Rei, seeing as you also loved the 1st and 2nd one. The Op there is EPIC too, but so is the story. Rei is an OVA, but the 2-4 eps is an arc by itself, its almost like a epilogue to the storyline, and i think its one of the most meaningful ones.

Yeah that would be great if you show me some of the avvys you've made! I learnt how to make GIFs recently, i think it was last wednesday? I searched around google for ages until i finally found a YouTube video that had all the programs linked, and were free and full versions. It took me along time, lol. But now i've learnt the "method" of making GIFs, but im not very good at knowing how many frames to use and loop. Coz i sometimes take too long a sequence, and the GIFs looks a bit weird when it ends and loops again from the start. Like, its very clear there's a massive jump.

eg with my current Tomoko one, it's clear that once she does that wink, my GIF stops there, and loops again from the start coz her position suddenly jumps back to the top left edge. Whereas your one, Makoto looks like he's just constantly infinitely bouncing up and down (while being stabbed offscreen?)

So yeah, i'd love it if you could show me some of your avvys, and maybe give me some advice you've learnt from gif making? ^^

Btw i've just added you as a Friend, hope you dont mind. You seem to get a long great with sovok so im sure we'll get along awesomely too (>^.^)>

sovok Nov 14, 2010

I guess i'll watch that one sometimes laaaaater )

I can reccomend to watch Ah My Goddess - thats a nice one,though its kinda oldschool ) Bakemonogatari akso is epic stuff ^^ Detroit Metal City should perfectly fit your needs :D

I can reccomend a lot more,if ya need )