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Damn, been awhile since I was on here. Hi.

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puriful says...

How you say something is almost as important as what you're saying. If you have an amazing plot, but its difficult for the reader to follow or understand, then your plot blows. Sentence structure is important. :) If some people have told you that this is difficult to read, then its just your sentence structure which is an easy fix. :)

You said you were open to critique. If I've over stepped my bounds, please let me know. This is how I do it and I hope I'm not coming off viciously.

Jan 4, 2012
puriful says...

First of all, I love the title.

Second of all, I like how some chapters are long and some are short. Which in the case in most novels, but I still like it. As a reader it makes me feel accomplished when I finish a chapter and short chapters make me feel even better. Haha. But a mix of long and short is a good balance. :)

Okay, now I'll start reading...

Jan 4, 2012
puriful says...

I would love to read your novel, but the link said that it doesn't exist? Help please :'(

Jan 3, 2012
MOJ says...

Sure thing. i'll keep reading it whenever i have the time. I already like it so far.

Jan 1, 2012
Mog says...

A favorite.... Well, I have quite a few favorites. I really like Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy bebop, Darker than Black, Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, No. 6, and Clannad just to name a few.

Can't wait for Fate/Zero season two, along with Horizon. Mirai nikki is pretty good too and I'm enjoying it.

Dec 31, 2011