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  • Anime-Planet Official Site Reviews, A Humble Opinion on Opinions

Anime-Planet Official Site Reviews, A Humble Opinion on Opinions

22 NOV

As my friend and I discussed yesterday concerning the site admin, Sothis, there is no real value or reprieve in arguing with a review. Essentially a review in any context, is forged from an opinion as in truth all ideas that define aspects or characteristics of ideas and or objects. If one agrees with an opinion, so be it. If one disagrees with an opinion, so be it. In the past, I will admit, I have argued with a reviewer on this site. I understand now that if you choose to openly oppose and argue with someone over an opinion, often both you and the one you disagree with will not change their opinion. If it is intelligent, engaging, and interesting, go for it, argue away. If it is belligerent, profane, or insidious I would recommend refraining from initiating the chain of events all together. But this brings me to an even more important point. Sure, there are opinions, we all have opinions, you have opinions, and I have opinions. But what makes something right? What makes one opinion right and another one wrong? From a societal standpoint, it is a shared perspective of the context upon which the opinion seeks to describe an aspect or set of characteristics. For example, if you are standing between a red building and a green building and you believe the green building is on your right and the red building is on your left. Your friend believes the red building is on your right and the green building is on your left. Now say you and your friend come from parallel universes in which the only difference is that in every language, "left" and "right are switched. Say the concept of green and red were switched. Say the actual color that you see is what we currently call orange and purple and your friend sees what we call pink and blue. Now. Who is right? Who is wrong? The same goes for reviews, people can give low scores, medium scores, high scores, short reviews, long reviews, etc, etc. Take everything in life for what it is to you. If it is a positive interaction, I encourage you to seek out melting pot of opinions and ideas. If it is a negative interaction, simply avoid it if possible. Does FMA deserve a 10 out of 10? Personally, I have only seen bits and pieces of the series on adult swim, I can not hold at value the entire series collectively. But what are ratings and scores anyways? Is the most popular the best? The one with the best jokes? The one with the best fan service? The one with the best romance? The one with the best fight scenes? The one with the best story? As each person is a different person, each person sees the world differently, and thus each person sees anime in their own light. Anime, as a form of entertainment media, seeks to entertain its audience, each series consists of different components that fundamentally separate the way each seeks to entertain its audience. A series' audience as I have said consists of different people, with more often than not, both differring and similar opinions shared amongst an 'n'-dimensional Venn Diagram. In my opinion, the official reviewers of this website are 'official' because of the way they write their reviews (coherently with sufficient content + literary qualities), not because of their opinions persay. I have found that a majority of the site reviews tend towards the critical side, but as it is with any collection of data, the side to which it tends is quite arbitray if the only given observation is that it tends. Just as I understand I will disagree with many people in life, there are many reviews on this site and on all sites with reviews that I disagree with and will continue to disagree. A good example is:

the recent 'best-selling' Modern Warfare map expansion pack with an all new 12 hours of campaign and infinite hours of multiplayer, well known as Modern Warfare 3 (<-- Not really a new game, but costs $60 all the same).

See^. An opinion. Perhaps you agree Modern Warfare 3 isn't all that great as its boasted to be. Perhaps you think I am a soulless retard to ever utter such blasphemy in the realm of gaming. Perhaps you don't even know what Modern Warfare 3 is.

I have learned that flaming an opinion you disagree with is, well, pointless really. To one's self the opposing opinion can be easily envisioned as... a fire, sure. Ok, lets take the analogy a step further. Say your favorite anime series is a real tangible object, the review you disagree with is a fire that burns and eats away at the object, when you come toting a flamethrower, flaming away, all you do is reduce the value of the series that you held in the first place, to a degree lower than what you started with as it will burn away faster now tarnished by you yourself. One must realize that anime is not a real tangible object and as such one's opinions one way or another cannot take any of the value you hold in a series unless you allow it to by engaging in a negative interaction.

Lets look at the situation from another perspective. Say now, you are the reviewer, you rate a series horribly and talk about how much you disliked it or even hated it, perhaps you even mention fast forwarding through it to get to the end faster, whatever the details may be. Essentially now you take on the role of the arsonist, now defenders of this series seek to put out the fire with water, a metaphor for polite disagreement that presents a different opinion on the matter backed by some sort of related evidence or logic and reasoning. If the opposing party is sensible and reasonable in the expression of their opposition and argues their case seeking to expose themselves to new ideas and perspectives or merely attempting to understand the view of the one they oppose, or any form of positive interaction, then if it is truly positive, seek it out and engage it.

An interesting point to mention though, is that, although myself I have seen only almost 2 months of anime, my friend has seen over a year of anime and is fluent in both english and japanese, watching the raws as they come out each day.

As humans we develop curiosities. As humans we develop opinions. Why does Anime-Planet have no export function, why do some series get synopsis and screenshots when they are released and others go months with no information? Like these questions and all others, we have opinions. There is no such thing as biased or unbiased when it comes to humans and our reviews, there is merely the professional and the unprofessional.

In conclusion I would like to remind you all of one thing. All that I have said here in these words is my


If anyone who reads this thinks I should write more of my 'opinions' in blog posts, just let me know down below what you think.

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AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Dec 9, 2011

"In my opinion, the official reviewers of this website are 'official' because of the way they write their reviews (coherently with sufficient content + literary qualities), not because of their opinions persay."

Well, of course :P

I wasn't aware that anyone felt otherwise.

MOJ avatar MOJ
Nov 22, 2011

Always such a pleasure to read a well written blog.

But you see, a review should be backed up with evidence to be considered as such. I do not consider every single "review" on this site that basically surmises the whole series in "i don't like it because the story made my brain hurt", and believe me there are thousands of such reviews on this site. Therefore as a writer, reviewer, blogger myself, i feel the need to point out the faults of a unplanned, opinion-only "review" even if that means i am flaming. The reviewer must understand that people read reviews for a general understanding of the anime, not to find out that a certain person hates, say, flying robots and because of that reason, gave the series a low rating. 

However, i do not completely disagree with you. There is no such thing as an unbiased review partly because it is humans who write it. Perspective plays a vital role. A really good example i came across was a review ofr the anime "C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control". Now with this anime, those people who had knowledge in economics absolutely loved it (like myself), but those who did not have any knowledge related to economics, gave it a really bad score. 


Overall, i want the quality of user written reviews to increase on this site. If i want opinions, then i will read blogs. Until then, i see no problem in pointing out MY opinion on another person's opinion. Actually i encourage people to do so on my own reviews and blogs.

phnsr avatar phnsr
Nov 22, 2011

It's nice that you're chronicling your personal growth, but the title is rather misleading, don't you think? Basically, at no point do you give a personal opinion on A-P official reviews. There are a few hints that you don't think too highly of them, but something like "Reviews: Why I Believe They Are Pointless" or "Mina-san, Preez No Faighto" would have been more appropriate.

I'm not trying to discourage you, though. I've started paying attention to blogs here only recently, and would definitely like to see more people capable of writing something other than pointless reminders ala "need to read/watch x".

As for the official reviews, I find them worthless to the point I've started blocking them from view recently. This (http://www.anime-planet.com/users/phnsr/blog/posts/8807) was the start of the saga. There'll probably be one more in the series, since other issues popped up while discussing the original ones with The Owner. It's just that there's soooooooo much anime to watch, but judging from your statistics, you're well-aware of that :)

sothis avatar sothis
Nov 22, 2011

why am i tagged in this? o_o

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