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Hikaru desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Let's talk about myself, you came here and are reading this for that, am I right? I am always right.. (Lie) Oh ho ho, let's continue shall we? After you. ^_^

When did you start your anime fandom?

When you say? Oh ho ho. I have been watching it since I was young, maybe seven, starting with like Gundam Wing and CCS and such. ^_^

Don't you like Manga?

Why yes, yes I do.. I just tend to watch anime then read manga.

Speaking of Manga, do you read books?

I love horror or psychological mystery books. I read mostly Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Deleware Novels.

Currently Reading:

Mystery by Johnathan Kellerman.

Last Finished Readling:

Flesh and Blood by Jonathan Kellerman.

Do you go to school?

Yes, I do. I am currently in my Masters Program. So, I am super busy and most of the time have time for nothing.

~I get really busy, so I may reply REALLY slow.. and I mean really slow. I apologize ahead of time.~

Do you work?

I am pretty much a teacher in a school for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Do you have any Hobbies?

Mhm. I have a few. Follow me into my office and we shall discuss more..

::walks into office. Takes a seat in nice big comfy chair at the desk. Dessert and tea are already waiting for you::

I like to...

What's your favorite Food?

I have a lot of Favorite foods, since I love food.

Pizza! Fruit!!! Macaroni and Cheese! Yoshinoya! (Food place), Ramen!, Pocky!, Melon pan!, Okonomiyaki!, Daifuku!, Zenzai!, Mochi!, Manju!, Tamagoyaki! Cinnamon Toast Crunch!, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandiwiches!, Ice cream!, Reese's!, Chips!.

What is your Favorite Drink?

Tea (Mostly any tea that crosses my path, my favorite is Green Tea and Peppermint and Chamomile and Black and Oolong, and Jujube...), Vitamin Water, Water, Pomegranate Cranberry Juice, and Lemonade.

Do you watch anything other than Anime?

Yes, I watch a lot of dumb reality television shows and other television shows. Right now I have been watching a lot of Bravo television shows, Intervention, and Adult Swim shows.

What's your Favorite Music?

I like a little bit of everything but sometimes I prefer one genre over the others.

What's with your dropped list?

Dropped anime may get picked up again in the future.. someday... in the future.. the show may have been very difficult to find.. shows may be also dropped because I started the DVD collection and won't watch it unless I get the DVD. Hopefully that made sense. ^_^

I heard that you watch your shows during specific times, is that true?

I like to watch comedy/magical/happy kind of anime during the day (sometimes I do watch them a little later) and more deep/serious/horror shows I watch at night. Meaning, night time is decided by whether it is dark or not. Once it's dark, night time anime begins. ^_^

Do you make AMV's?

I make them on (very rare) occasion @ http://www.youtube.com/user/TenshinoElements [Don't let the sight of me on my randomness videos scare you] If you would like, you can add me as a friend or subscribe. ^_^

Last question, can I steal your introduction?

Oh, this old thing? You like it? Be my guest. What an honor to have you use my introduction. ^_^

So, to wrap up this little interview here are some random things I want to talk about.


I LOVE (<3) my fangirl crushes and I have A LOT and I probably have a crush on a character from a show I am watching currently or stalled or dropped... maybe even finished.. My ultimate husband is Gintoki. <3

Warning: I don't talk a lot, so it's hard for me to keep a conversation and such. I apologize ahead of time.

What I am doing: Work and Anime and random fun stuff.

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NeiniAurora3500 May 6, 2012

Gotta say Love your icon! Perfect for expressing the feelings of the Konata lovers lol.

Anyways how has school been for you so far? Just going off from an old reply. Can't think of much

Been totally endulged in anime that I can't think about school or much else. Doesn't seem there is a cure. I think I read on a website that there is roughly at least ~6000 anime series in existance. Thought it would be big but not that big :O The biggest list I've seen on this site so far had about 1400 series finished. Doesn't seem it will be possible to watch every anime out there. Its possible to see plenty but they keep releasing new ones so it increases.

Rye May 6, 2012

I guess I'm also lazy but when there's an exam I try to study hard LOL.

You can have a part time job right? Did you apply for one?

KayChan Apr 8, 2012

Glad to be back here! I' ve miss anime viewing so much I'm going crazy! Guess I'll start start with continuing the one and only Bleach :)

SpiritDragon Apr 7, 2012

Hey Hikaru~

First off, It's nice to hear from you! :P and I feel stalked T_T *cowers in fear*

You shouldn't give too much about me marking things as "won't watch", because I have the goal to have EVERY anime in the A-P Databank in my anime list, so I just mark those that I either don't know or that don't have an synposis yet as "won't watch", but that doesn't mean I really won't watch them, it's just to keep my "want to watch list" to a reasonable size ;P

I'll check that "Out of Sight" out (wordplay :D) though, thanks for your fice cents on that ^^



touyamizrahi Mar 20, 2012

Lol! I know what you mean. Anime has a way of trapping you to with the whole "just one more episode!" and then you're 5 episodes deeper. :P

Aww, math is easy once you know how to do it. But back in the day (yes, I use that phrase! lol) my grandma made me and my older brother constantly do math on her chalk board like two hours every weekend when we were in grades 4 and 5, so I think that's why math is quite literally effortless for me lol. Pratice, practice, practice lol.

However you might hate math, you're majoring in the subject I barely passed last term! It definitely was interesting taking it as my elective, but sadly I can't wrap my head around it, but I'm proud you can ^_^.

Online classes are nice mainly for the fact you can quite literally put as much time as you want into it and the entire internet is right there at the same time for references. Pick 3 topics, do a quick search for about 10 mins on each and see how many GOOD results you get. If you're a little slower at reading, give yourself 20 mins, everyone works at a different pace :). But with a little search like that over a few topics, you should see which has a lot of decent references you can use and cite.

Yeah, it sucks it happened, but strangely also sucks it didn't. Hard to explain here and if you want me to I can send you a PM on your forum profile.

*^_^* I consider myself just a regular dad, though still kinda young lol. And Pokemon is still going! Now it's Pokemon Black and White (we watched the first ep of the new season on tv this morning actually!). But yeah, Monster Rancher and Digimon are from a little back in the day, but those were some of the early ones I loved so I'm hoping he likes them just as much :). I agree Dragonball Z is a bit rough for hitting/violence, but the one thing I made sure he heard just about every day since he was 2 is that hitting is not nice. Mainly it was cause he wanted to be mean to the cat, and toddlers don't know much better, but he now knows that hitting is bad even if he sees it on his shows or in his games. Hack, he tries to tell some of the bad guys in the Lego games on the wii to not hit lol. Hard to explain hitting is bad, but that bad guys attack you in games @_@.

ROFL! That's not that weird actually. You're more like a semi-passive gamer then lol. Hmm, trying to think of a game you might like to try...might come back to this later ^_^. OH! Animal Crossing! and the Harvest Moon games! Get a Wii or DS/3DS lol.

Hehe, yeah, we all have that list of the "Hoping to eventually finish."

O_O an OLDER car? That car's nearly as old as you are! Lol! But I'm not sure on the apartment yet. It could be the same size (just a lot cheaper depending on what side of town), might go for a townhouse Co-op, or just get an actual house, but that might not be the best choice since I intend to leave this area in about 3-4 years depending on what I take after college. My choices are get my Accounting Masters, or I was thinking of going into Teaching. Why must I be indecisive!!!! @_@

^_^ Food sounds good now too, been up since 7:30am, it's now 11:52am, and I've yet to eat. Busy, busy, sometimes too busy lol, but life is busy ^_^.Have a good week in classes!