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Hikaru desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Let's talk about myself, you came here and are reading this for that, am I right? I am always right.. (Lie) Oh ho ho, let's continue shall we? After you. ^_^

When did you start your anime fandom?

When you say? Oh ho ho. I have been watching it since I was young, maybe seven, starting with like Gundam Wing and CCS and such. ^_^

Don't you like Manga?

Why yes, yes I do.. I just tend to watch anime then read manga.

Speaking of Manga, do you read books?

I love horror or psychological mystery books. I read mostly Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Deleware Novels.

Currently Reading:

Guilt by Johnathan Kellerman.

Last Finished Readling:

Flesh and Blood by Jonathan Kellerman.

Do you go to school?

Yes, I do. I am currently in my Masters Program. So, I am super busy and most of the time have time for nothing.

~I get really busy, so I may reply REALLY slow.. and I mean really slow. I apologize ahead of time.~

Do you work?

I am currently out of work. Hopefully will be back in the work force soon.

Do you have any Hobbies?

Mhm. I have a few. Follow me into my office and we shall discuss more..

::walks into office. Takes a seat in nice big comfy chair at the desk. Dessert and tea are already waiting for you::

I like to...

What's your favorite Food?

I have a lot of Favorite foods, since I love food.

Pizza! Fruit!!! Macaroni and Cheese! Yoshinoya! (Food place), Ramen!, Pocky!, Melon pan!, Okonomiyaki!, Daifuku!, Zenzai!, Mochi!, Manju!, Tamagoyaki! Cinnamon Toast Crunch!, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandiwiches!, Ice cream!, Reese's!, Chips!.

What is your Favorite Drink?

Tea (Mostly any tea that crosses my path, my favorite is Green Tea and Peppermint and Chamomile and Black and Oolong, and Jujube...), Vitamin Water, Water, Pomegranate Cranberry Juice, and Lemonade.

Do you watch anything other than Anime?

Yes, I watch a lot of dumb reality television shows and other television shows. Right now I have been watching a lot of True Life, Say Yes to the dress, Four Weddings, Teen Mom 2, Virgin Territory.. but I do not watch television all that often.

What's your Favorite Music?

I like a little bit of everything but sometimes I prefer one genre over the others.

What's with your dropped list?

Dropped anime may get picked up again in the future.. someday... in the future.. the show may have been very difficult to find.. shows may be also dropped because I started the DVD collection and won't watch it unless I get the DVD. Hopefully that made sense. ^_^

I heard that you watch your shows during specific times, is that true?

I like to watch comedy/magical/happy kind of anime during the day (sometimes I do watch them a little later) and more deep/serious/horror shows I watch at night. Meaning, night time is decided by whether it is dark or not. Once it's dark, night time anime begins. ^_^

Do you make AMV's?

I make them on (very rare) occasion @ http://www.youtube.com/user/TenshinoElements [Don't let the sight of me on my randomness videos scare you] If you would like, you can add me as a friend or subscribe. ^_^

Last question, can I steal your introduction?

Oh, this old thing? You like it? Be my guest. What an honor to have you use my introduction. ^_^

So, to wrap up this little interview here are some random things I want to talk about.

Titles that have been recommended to me:

Nanoha, Angel Beats, Three Kingdoms, Infinite Stratos, Hikaru no Go. If I am missing any you recommended, just remind me and I will add it. Now I can keep track of reccomendations.

I LOVE (<3) my fangirl crushes and I have A LOT and I probably have a crush on a character from a show I am watching currently or stalled or dropped... maybe even finished.. My ultimate husband is Gintoki. <3

I am currently learning Japanese VERY SLOWLY. Because I have switched tutors due to my previous tutor moving back to Japan, she has been more focused on my writing than my speaking and listening. Haha. She is helping me not write so manly.

Warning: I don't talk a lot, so it's hard for me to keep a conversation and such. I apologize ahead of time.

What I am doing: Work and Anime and random fun stuff.

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nallyasian says...

I see I see haha okay then :)

Ahh and yeah, that's alright~ As you can see my replies are reaaaaaaally late too -.-" Got exams in the background and all... *sighs* WHAT. A. PAIN.

Omg yes! Same here O.O But longer... surprisingly. I've gone off anime for about a month now. And yes, it's killing me inside >.< But I had to hehe with school and all. Plus I haven't really been finding anything that's keeping my interest lately... well I have a lot I want to watch but I haven't downloaded it yet, my friend downloads it for me.

So I've been sticking to manga instead ^^ Keeps me going--

Ah, what should I call you in turn? Hikaru? HikaruTenshi? Airox? Or something? Hehe.

Jun 25, 2012
NeiniAurora3500 says...

Its soo awesome that summer vacation exists. For light sensitives like me thou the weather/climate isn't so good. But no school and hw makes up for it!

Congrats to your B+ it is something you should be proud of. You'll probally be done with all your stuff by the time you get this reply thou but anyways.

Yea Generally nowadays it is easier to watch a lot of short shows. When there are shows with over 50 episodes (Shakugan no Shana) I only tend to watch the 1st 50 or 2 seasons. (or 4). Not sure what it means. Maybe it comes from a sense to wanting to be exposed to different anime, different ideas after awhile. Perhaps there are gods of anime that exist in one's mind which tells them what to watch and when. A mystery that's unsolvable possibly. Haven't seen much anime recently for some reason depite being summer. Somehow need to recapture the mood.

So you keep your internet/general computer hobbies on a seperate computer from one you use for college/univeristy?  That seems like a good idea. I think I'm going to do it to once I enter college. Seeing that it can make school hard to work with when you've got tabs and applications for other stuff not related to school. 

Otherwise Doing well. Trying to manage all the new free time given. (Not working out as well as I'd like)

How have finals been? Are you on summer vacation too? 

Jun 24, 2012
Rye says...

Ohh so that's how you get money xD

Well I get money for being a game tester LOL. I've been stressed lately, friends come and go. Good thing my friend gave me a Diablo 3 guest pass, gotta try the game. Are you a gamer?

Jun 13, 2012
nallyasian says...

Hey there! I thought I'd say hi since I came across your profile just now... lol

How's it going? You have a looooot of watched anime, wow O.O compared to me anyways haha

And I guess I can't really ask you anything either, everything's in your bio afterall. OHOHOHO how convenient c':

Nice to meet ya :) Im Nicole!

May 25, 2012
KayChan says...

it's fine. I understand. I hadn't been on in a while as well. As for Bleach, I found out it ended! ( well the anime) I think i have about 30 or so more eps, but I don't want to finish cause then it really will be all over for me :((( It's sad when a series that's been airing so long ends. I always had in my mind that it wold last forever! lol Hope classes are going well. I'm out for summer now, and i'm not taking summer classes :)

May 13, 2012