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What am I going on about now?


Long time no speak.


I actually stayed with the season for once! It's a miracle! Can you believe it!

Believe it!

To make things clearer:

Usually, I start shows of the season, but then I stop following them because I get caught up in other shows and then the current season ends and then I put the shows as stalled and start the cycle all over again.

However.... I did it! I followed Winter 2012!!!! Granted that I am still watching a couple, but for the most part I finished a good chunk. I am proud of myself. I deserve Yakisoba. >.>

So now I want to talk about individual shows a bit.

Daily Lives of High School Boys~

I freaking love that show. I think it's the best show of Winter 2012. So I just want to say: It better come back. I couldn't believe it was only 12 episodes. I knew it deep in my heart when it first aired, but I was like please please please... apparently the Anime Gods wanted to just be mean. So I hope it comes back like they say.

Devil May Cry~

I finally got around to watching it. Quite a few people do not like that show and my brother (who has never seen it or played the games) said it is lame and was going to be dumb and boring and I shouldn't watch it.

I watched it anyway. I don't think it's that bad. It was enjoyable. It wasn't amazingly awesome... but it was cool a bit. I really like Dante. Yeah yeah, he is a cliche badass or whatever. I liked him. I thought he was cool but sadly, he was like the only cool person there. All the others were meh.. and that's not my fangirlism talking.

Brave 10~

Why do people like this show so much? I hate that girl Isanami or whatever. I think Saizou is an awesome character, but she totally kills the show for me. I can barely watch an episode every now and then. That show would be so much better without her.

Out of Sight~

Adorable. Everyone should watch it. I Love the concept.


I actually really love this one. I am addicted to the song now. <3


I really liked that show. I don't care that people say it's slow. I think it was a great show. I wish there was more. Haha. Not like more of that one, but more like this show. <3

And on a random note:

I am so Jealous of Ran and that one girl. I love Shinichi and Heiji. I want a Shinichi. He is just too adorable... soooo romantic. <3 I am so jealous!


Ja ne~!



cleodux avatar cleodux
Apr 11, 2012

Devil May Cry was alright too...i watch it back like how many years ago. And it made me want to play the game as well :) but i didn't get to play because i don't own a console lol. Until recently bought a xbox360, maybe i will play it someday, if i got a nice 2nd hand of whatever version that available. 

It was the same in my case. You started a series, and for some reason you stop watching it and put it on halt and then went on to watch other series and the cycle repeated a lot of time.

I still got a handful of series need to watch (on hold indefinitely until i got around to watch them). But recently manage to watch Gundam marathon and it feels good. 

I have just finished Brave 10. That when i saw your blogpost :) wanted to know what other thinks about Brave 10. Yeah Saizou is cool, but the ending fight is so meh. I could bear Isanami, i am not hating her as much as other bitch in other series. I probably will check the manga. Hoping that it has different ending (yeah right)

Marceus avatar Marceus
Apr 8, 2012

Devil May Cry was alright. Not a great series but entertaining enough. I really wanted to play the video games after watching it.

I was pleasantly surprised by Another. I wasn't expecting it to be anything special but it turned out to be a wonderfully twisted anime. Those last few episodes won't be something I forget anytime soon.

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