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Monthly Marathon Jan. 15 &16

17 JAN

So I participated in this months Marathon for the first time ever.

It was interesting and I think it's fun. ^_^

I love my family since they understand my love for anime and supported my marathon.

But anywho, the reason I am writing this blog is because I am no good at reviews, and I am no good at recs. So I figured.. I would write down in a blog my feelings on the shows I watched over the marathon. (Yes, I know in order to get points I need recs and reviews.)

They are in the order of how I watched them.


So here goes..

1. Shinryaku! Ika Musume.

I have heard a lot about this show. I heard it was really good and Ika Musume is really cute.. she even looked cute and the show looked good trough all the Motivational Posters I have seen and laughed through. However...

I was bored with this show.

Yes, it was slightly funny and yes she was cute... but something about it bored me. I really liked one character though.. and no it wasn't a guy. It was Chizuru. She was one of the only characters I actually was interested in. I also thought the little brother was cute too. But other than that I was bored. And the ending left me with like a wtf? that was it?

Gunsou which is similar because it's an invader who gets caught up in all their Shenanigans and being comfortable with with their surrounding, family and friends that they forget that they are invading and when they DO remember they suck at it.

But hey, Gunsou is way more fun to watch and his ten times more hilarious.


2. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

I was really looking forward to this show. When browsing a forum of AMP's (Anime Motivational Posters), the same one I was browsing when I saw the Ika Musume ones, I thought it was going to be really funny and interesting.

I was wrong. Horribly wrong.

My high expectations were crushed. ::insert Expectations AMP::

It had a good start... the first five minutes and then it was downhill from there. It should have been made into a 6 episode show instead of twelve.. there was not one character from the Milky Holmes Detective Group that I liked. The only two that came close was Sherlock and Hercule.

The characters I really liked were Twenty, Rat, and Stone River. They were hilarious. And the only redemption for the show. If it weren't for them. I would be even more bored with the show.

Too bad it wasn't as intersting as I was hoping.

3. Shinrei Tantei Yakumo.

I haven't really seen anything on this one. I did see like one AMP. But I didn't know that that was Yakumo at the time. And after watching it I saw it had low scores in some places. But I had always wanted to see this one because it has ghosts. And that, to me, is intersting.

Best. One. Out. Of. Five.

I really enjoyed this show. This one was my favorite of the five I watched during the marathon. It grabbed my attention. Was serious, was funny and had good characters.

The only character I had a slight problem with was Haruka. She was a tad annoying. But it's okay. I can deal. Yakumo was intersting to me. Maybe because he resembles the character in my story? Whatever the case I enjoyed this one.

It did remind me of... I think Ghost Talkers Daydream... because the girl he helped is now.. like.. attached to him.. and in Ghost Talkers.. the girl she helps... kinda is attached to her.

My last thoughts on this one?

Second Season Please.

4. Otome Youkai Zakuro

This show.. I didn't know what to expect. I heard bad things and I heard good things.. so I watched it.

It was good at first.. but I wasn't very interested in Zakuro. I liked Agemaki.. but Zakuro annoyed me. She was cool but annoying. I ended up getting bored at like... epiosde 5... and the only thing I was interested in was Riken and Susuki. I thought they were adorable. And the ending trial whatever.. you want to call it, climax, was kinda lame. I mean, I know that when I write, my characters go in a round about way.. but no one is gonna read it.. it like.. went longer than it should have.

But yeah.. that's all I have to say about that.

Go Riken and Susuki. ^_^ Have your own show.

5. MM!

I was already wary of this show. I knew it wasn't going to be to my liking.

And.... for the most part... it wasn't to my liking.

It wasn't the Masochism that wasn't to my liking. It was Mio. And this girl liking him and this girl liking him.. I wanted Yuuno to get with Tarou. But oh well I never get my way.

So as you can probably tell.. the only good points to the show were Tarou and certain topics themselve. Ex: The Dragon Ball Parody. That had me laughing so hard.

Tarou and the way he acts is hilarious. Both when he is serious.. and when he is sparkling and feeling good.

Everything else is trash.

That's too hard on it though.. I do like the manager of the convenience store. He was slightly funny in an oddball sort of way. And Hayama was pretty cool.

But that's about it.

I do not like Tsundere characters. ::shivers::


So these are my feelings on these five shows. Of course.. I am werid, and like shows that no one else likes and hate shows that everyone loves. So I don't expect anyone to feel the same for these shows. ^_^

Although I didn't quite watch as much as I was hoping. I now know I will have to try harder and keep lots of migraine meds on hand. ^_^

Thank you!



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