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One important thing, one fangirl thing.



I might be back in school in two or three months!!!!!! <3

For anyone who has been with me for this long horrible year regarding my school you know exactly how excited I feel about this. I am soooooo excited.. I can't wait.


I have been watching Gash Bell again.... and...... I think I am in love with another character. You guessed it... Kiyomaro <3  His emotions move me.. when he cries, I cry... and when I think of how much he has changed from before he met Gash... I feel happy and giddy inside.... I love his eyes.. expecially when he is serious.... though.. when he makes blank stares it's adorable too. ^_^

Kiyomaro!!!!!!! <3 Join me in my castle!!!!!!


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SpiritDragon avatar SpiritDragon
Dec 22, 2010

Congrats Tenshi! I really hope all goes well with your school! I pray for it >.<

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