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Gintoki and his Daddy Abilities

13 MAY

I just witnessed one of my favorite episodes of all time.. of course I have lots of them, but since I just watched it recently it is the newest favorite of all time.

What is this episode you ask?

Episodes 51 and 52 of Gintama.

Why is it one of my favorites?

just like the titles says. Gintoki is watching this kid that looks just like him. Their interaction is so adorable. It just blew my mind. It was soooo totally unbelievabally cute.

I want him to be the father of my child. It would be totally adorable. He is really good with kids. Doesn't seem like it right? Well it sorta does.

But anyway, go watch it. I command you.


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Aurura avatar Aurura
Sep 11, 2011

I went ahead and watched these 2 eps since you said how enjoyable they are - yeah, the interaction between them was very cute.

I've never watched past a handful of Gintama eps, to be honest.  But the main character is consistantly interesting.  I just wish he'd stop picking his nose so much!  heheheh...

HikaruTenshi avatar HikaruTenshi
May 27, 2010

It's all good. I have only seen 53. ^_^


Esper26 avatar Esper26
May 27, 2010

I loved that episode sadly I'v only seen 56 episodes.

Menchi avatar Menchi
May 27, 2010

Oh I loved that episode too, it was adorable! For a minute I really thought the kid could be his, I mean come on, who else's kid's got a naturally curly, silver hair?! xD

An awesome show it is ^^

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