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Luring Kids to Junk Food

16 DEC

Ok, i just read an artical about how McDonalds in luring kids to fast food.  I just need to say this,  "Here is a classic case of americans trying to get rich in this dying econmy. First - PARENTS, IT IS YOUR FAULT NOT THE COMPANY, you bowed to the childs wishes to feed them the so called fat food. Be a parent, throw them on a treadmill and say no more mcdonalds. People need to think, did the child put a gun to your head and say feed me McDonolds. Parents are more at fault then the companies. You, parents, control your kids."

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tony avatar tony
Feb 6, 2011

I would have to agree. Plus now that the economy has taken a huge hit, fast food has become even more popular because of the large portions and the reduced costs.

Krawkley avatar Krawkley
Dec 27, 2010

You have reason, but the people never acknowledges his guilt... It is a hopeless case...

Don't worry... I will control my kids... but i'm only a child ^^

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