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Blog Day Three


September 8, 2011: Well im back once again to write a blog that no one will read, but im okay with that. Today was a good day. School was a breeze today. We did some work, but nothing to intense. I am in mostly honors classes so hopefully it wont get too hard. I got home today, then left for work soon after. I worked for one hour yesterday, and one hour today, and i got paid $50. Not bad for babysitting. Im not going to school tomorrow because i have my drivers test, and i have to be prepared for my sisters wedding. So i am going to be up pretty late tonight, and watch some anime, and hopefully make up for what i couldnt watch last night due to my sleeping arangements. So i dont have much anime to talk about tonight, as i made no advances in Fruits Basket or any other anime related thing. The one thing i can say is that i still love my anime playlist. I listen to it all day. Also... well i guess this makes two things, but i have Momiji's song from Fruits Basket stuck in my head, but i love it! well thats all i got for now, so until next time.


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Nov 8, 2011

Ah fruits basket. Shigure is such a perv. lol -_- school is a demon. All I can do is sleep. very painfull. why am I so tired.. anyway. its not like nobody reads blogs. if its on the internet it will most likley get read.

Ober11 avatar Ober11
Sep 11, 2011

Same here, I'm in Honors or AP classes. At my school: General < College Prep (CP) < Honors (H) < Advanced Placement (AP). The works is demanding, but it's all worth it tbh. The only thing that I do worry about is the AP History exams later this year, over 500 years of history crammed into one huge test >o<

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