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The founder and webmaster of the anime & gaming community "Anime Toshokan Inc."

I've been at this kind of stuff for way too long and looking at how much anime I've watched, it shows. Oh well.....anyway, other than anime, I'm a raved MMO game player and collector of anything anime & game related.

When I'm not working or such, I like to have a good time or hang out at places and such but other than that, I have a rather boring life indeed. Well, that's about all I can talk about myself at the moment since I'm rushing things but drop me a line, recommend me, or something and I'll give you cookies and WAHA cakes in return. With that, see you all later!

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sothis says...

Did you actually finish High School Aurabuster? I am skeptical of the "watched", given that it's one of the most rare things I've run across and episode 3 is totally unavailable ;)

Oct 2, 2008