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I am an American Airman of the U.S. Air Force. 

Names: Kevin, Asuya, Winn(real name)
Nicknames+Meanings: Yuki(Snow),Hyosuke(helpful soldier)
Favorite Class: photography, Welding, designing, art, and culinary.
Favorite Food/Drink: Ramen noodles and Ramune.

Favorite instrument: Sanshin, Electric Guitar.
Favorite Band: I have too many, but I LOVE NIGHTCORE!


im 18, and i dont really know anybody that likes anime other than my only friend. I LOVE ANIME, I HATE READING XD

im athiest and a satanist. im a dark guy at times, and mostly a nice friendly guy.im really a nice and caring guy when you get to know me.

I like to wear clothes like leather, punk, gothic, rave, arm and leg warmers, fuzzy things, rainbow, gloves all day, and more. Sure it might sound weird, but its just who I AM.

Im mainly labeled as "goth" and "emo", but losers at school call me "vampire"...i love to write songs and poems, and watch anime. My dream is to be a great DJ and to make anime.

i love to do many things indoors and outdoors.

i love animals, nature, photography, reptiles, dirtbike, raving, dancing, fishing, caring for animals, swimming, hanging out, hiking, the supernatural, ghost hunting, shopping, snowboarding, sleeping, eating, training, military, working out, playing guitar, soccer, singing, tennis, skating/ice skating, welding metal, paintball, climbing, camping, cooking, and more.

(i will watchToshokan Sensou)

I will never forget these songs i grew up with ^_^

(and no they arnt related to anime or manga..)











Random~ COD black ops song





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bugsy132 Jun 24, 2013

We can talk more often and easier and you can talk with others here:


bugsy132 Jun 23, 2013

I know someone that lives in Italy and still watches anime and reads manga

DarkShadowBe May 29, 2013

Yeah it's tough, being in the military gives you great responsibility ...The higher the Rank the tougher it get's(at least responsibility wise) :)

DarkShadowBe May 18, 2013

Yeah i noticed in your bio ... holy shit that's one hell of a job O.O