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Jan 4, 2012


Story about a girl named Kozue Hiyoki. She dreams about some boy with a tattoo on his chest who steels her hart. She can't see his face. When she's transferd to an other school she's hasn't decided wich dorm she wants to stay but when she sees the crest of the S-hall she thinks it looks very simular to the tattoo on the boys chest. This S-hall isn't very populair on this school instead of the A-hall. Eventually she goes to the S-hall. The advisor of noticed that she has her heart stolen and so he gives her a new temporary heart. In order to find out who stole her heart she has to stay one week in each room with the guys who live in the S-hall (and because there aren't enough rooms in the S-hall. Only hiyoki can see in someones dreams. So when she's together with someone who sleeps see finds out all sort of things.


The typical harem like characters. They all have their own secrets, problems and personalities. Main character is ofcourse a confused girl who gets her heart worked up because of little things.


A cute Romance Harem story with some nice fantasy aspects. Altough the harem part isn't that new the way she can look in someone's dreams and has her heart stolen is something that distinct this manga from others. Im giving it a 7.5

8/10 story
7.5/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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