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Thank God for Naoki Sato!

18 MAY

Finished Eureka Seven Psalms of Planets some weeks ago...
Got completely addicted to it and devoured the 50 episodes in 6 days... and one of the reasons is the anime's Soundtrack, majestically composed by Naoki Sato.

Saying that it litteraly took my breath away is saying nothing.

It perfectly accompanies the anime's flow, creating tension where it's needed, bringing the spectator at the brink of tears in the most dramatic scenes (no spoilers ;p). 

It's truly an work of art, independently of the anime.

i'll leave you one of the most beautiful and dramatic tracks, just to arouse your interest for the soundtrack, and consequently, for the anime:

Naoki Sato, Eureka Seven OST, ''The Bonds Called Blood"


Hope you enjoyed! ;D

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