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Naruto Shippuden

May 24, 2012

This show has far surpassed my expectations of the first series.The storyline is so informative and powerful there's nothing you won't understand if you watch every episode accordingly.I love that all the characters have grown and the action is even more defined and EPIC!This has made DBZ look terrible in comparison.The story can make you laugh,cry,get angry at the bad guys and more.The one thing I do dislike is that they reshow the same parts over and over again in flashbacks but since they do add other sides to the story we already know it makes up for it.If you're  a anime junky that is only satisfied by great action and a strong storyline look no further here it is!To new watchers you have to watch the first series before you move on to Shippuden at least to the Naruto vs. Sasuke epic fight.-Hellzblade

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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thor123 Mar 17, 2015

10/10 animation? one sentence: "my pain is far greater than yours"


folie Jun 4, 2012

"Informative and powerful and you wont understand anything if you don't watch every episode" , thats a joke , 60% of Naruto Shippuuden are fillers , I got sick of the flashbacks , useless talk and lack of action , the anime has a good plot and I like it but its getting ridiculous having to wait a week to see a bunch of useless talk and 2 minutes of actions .

roriconfan May 25, 2012

I agree with what you say but I said they didn't develop, not that they didn't have a history.

Hellzblade May 24, 2012

Majority of what they tell you all adds up the main plot what is supposed to catch you is Naruto but what they did right is that they didn't make every episode about Naruto and if you watch the show you have a background of everybody whether they're key characters or not I like the fact of that everybody has a history.The first series did suck after the naruto sasuke fight.But I'll give you the fill in part it is annoying.

roriconfan May 24, 2012

The story was fine up to the Chuunin exam. Afterwards it became way too slow and nobody developed further. The second series is full of fillers and people who don't offer anything tot he story.