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not much to tell...         some ratings might be more or less than what they r

there u have it sao sh-- ass onsuicidehotline is easily the worst anime i have seen and the worst game ever no not because u can really die which id rather do its cause its retarded when some forum peeps tell u a show is horrendous ud better take notice next time the poor grammar and spelling jumble mess is less retarded and more sensible than sao is i gave it a 1 star and im the nice guy! this feels like a mark of shame on my list for watching all of it and less of an achievement lesson learned i dont want to watch anymore horrible shows either stop or dont watch avoid like a plague i suffered more watching this show then the unrealistic people trapped in there so called game of death nearly an endless amount of things wrong with sao which i will not get into

that being said plz rec something even worse then sao not possible i know show me its not the very worst out there gain sum wide perception im dying to see what beats it really  

and finally kirito worst character ever such a biacth more of a  pussy then all them dumb girls btw the show is sexist who names themself someone elses real name ina game anyway!?¡ not a single person thats who like my real name is this but online iam known as steve! ha nope use real name or a name like poopy or chaos devil just ARGHHH!!!!

why bother putting this together? idk idc chances r no1 will read this anyway its mainly for myself and as for any sao fanboys trendin here to dark woods leave any hate at the door if u come in iwill blast u with my boomstick filled with GOOD shows ;] k thx

on another note ahem clears throat* theres no VG anime or hentai here how will I ever have my anime list completely COMPLETE not that I watch the latter(lies) really but shoudant everything be included?

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sothis Jul 22, 2010

i see that you too can appreciate this guys mustached awesomeness :D


Adjw Jul 3, 2009

thanks man

kakashisensei123 May 17, 2009

hey i were just looking at your anime list and it's pretty cool so thought i'd say hey

xYourDeathWishx Apr 30, 2009

Oohh...Thx for the complement....so ur into that kind of music tooo....have u herd of all those bands?? o.O?? and urhmm..u gotta say plz first THAN.......I can hand u a cookie :)


miki Apr 30, 2009

hi i am amy i am just saying hi or hello or something to everyone cause i am so bored and i don't know why but i don't feel like watching anime right now so ya.