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My bio ... I still wonder about that, who I am, or who I want to be ...

You never know can ye' ?

But still ... I see myself as a small figure in this universe, thou I walk the path that wants to grasp the greatest power a living creature can obtain, "Universal Power", but for such I need to loose my soul, meaning I cannot fulfill my wish of learning the meaning of a "feeling" ... What should I do ... for now I relax myself in my wisdom hoping that answers will come to me and I will learn my destined path in this world ...

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TequilaWolf says...

danke :D

Dec 4, 2012
Roman says...


Apr 5, 2012
Mattlore says...

And about my avatar, I would highly reccomend that you check out the anime assoicated with the symbol. It's called Gurren Lagann.It's a mecha series that's made by Gainax (The ones that made Neon Geneises Evangelion) and it is absolutly FANTASTIC!

It was the only anime that I actually jumped from my seat and yelled at the TV "F$#K YEAH! That's how it's done!!"

Jul 15, 2010
Mattlore says...

Ahaha, it looks like we've both had our share of missunderstandings, and I will admit, it makes me laugh a little bit...Getting off on the wrong foot is not fun.

Anywho...I appologize again about thinking wrong of you and hope that we can start again on the right foot (No pun intended) :)

Jul 15, 2010
Mattlore says...

Obviously the emblem from a fantastic anime is lost on you...

You know...I was going to have a "knee jerk" reaction to the rather sarcastic comment you left on my profile; and start some psudo intelectual flame war...But instead I'm just going to let it roll off my back and probbaly just ignore anything further, but I do want to say that the comment wasn't neccesary. I meant no offence by my comment (In fact I quite enjoyed reading your bio), but obviously you were either offended by it, or took it as an excuse to lash out at another member.

Regardless, I wish you god speed and hope you have a good day.

Jul 14, 2010