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Minamoto no Shigeyuki
Like a driven wave,
Dashed by fierce winds on a rock,
So am I: alone
And crushed upon the shore,
Remembering what has been.

Oe no Chisato
As I view the moon,
Many things come into my mind,
And my thoughts are sad;
Yet it's not for me alone,
That the autumn time has come.


Inpu Moin no Taifu

Let me show him these!
Even the fishermen's sleeves
On Ojima's shores,
Though wet through and wet again,
Do not so change their colors

I like kimonos but I NEED TO HAVE JUNIHITOE!! ..............................................................................................................................

I do not like physical education. but i do "some" sport :DD

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Democide Mar 29, 2015

 Where do you stand on the whole "Kyo" v.s "Yuki" debate I personally think kyo is more likable.

P.S.   i also like Mango's, I'm growing a tree from seed's right now :3

Democide Mar 16, 2015

your the first person i've ever heard of that didn't like "Tohru HONDA" out of curiosity why? note: no judgment

Kapsy Mar 16, 2015

Hi! I have read Kaze to ki no uta, but it was in japanese (and it was really hard to read with my sucky japanese skills X'D). I don't own them; I read them in hotel where I was couple of years ago. There was a book shelf in lounge and there was some manga... and it was then I was like "I have to read these!! O_O" so I did ^^ there were all volumes and I had two days time to read those... I have never read so fast X'D

UnknownOrthodox Jul 19, 2014


I was on holiday so sorry for late reply :P I have but i read the manga online! its good! you should give it a go!! :)

RelinquishR Jul 11, 2014

Hey Helizns:)

Welcome to A-P, I hope you enjoy your time here :) The community here is awesome ^_^ so dont be scared to talk to people here :) You will find some weird individuls, but they are still fun to talk to :P