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Busou Renkin

May 22, 2013


Overall the Story had a good Pacing, knew when to make Comedic Appearences without tuning down the worth of characters. Although there is not much of it, but that's for another Section. Pretty Generic Plot for a Shonen, though the story itself leaves many plotholes and a mega happy ending for both villains and heroes. Large Plotholes, Overall Bad Ending but Good Pacing give the story a rating of 5/10 from me.


The Animations are overall not to shabby. The Weapons, Villians and Characters have some interesting over the top creative stuff that it covers the weak cast overall pretty good. Weapons have good detail and have some nice flair to them with some creative detail on them. Villians and Heroes have over the top looks with some ending up very good and some pretty bad through it. The fights were short most of the time and when they got prolonged they are still interesting throughout.


Instead of using Guitar Sounds and all the like we have expierenced by other Shonen Shows, this packs a good amount of Orchestrial Music in it that fits the mood and is generally used pretty good. Although i personally dislike the voices, they weren't that bad overall and just might be my one of my own little hate about this show. SFX Sound is pretty bad though.


I was thinking about 3/10 or 4/10 because the cast overall is really one dimensional, the main protagonist is boring and generic, but the female Lead (second string to our protagonist) has a good and interesting personality, look and weapons in fights. Although she also has some generic moments, it's not as bad as the rest of the cast. Looks try to help out but characters do not really develop over the course of the anime. 


I think the Show is average for a Shonen Action Anime but does well in Sound and Animation but forsakes as most Shonen the Story and Characters which is sad. I probably would have given the whole Show a 7 or 8 if the Characters actually had development or even non stereotype personalities. The best example is the protagonist, you could switch him out with every kindhearted, i'll protect them all protagonist of another anime and they would fit just as much as he did.

5/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Ajedi32 Sep 15, 2013

Excelent review, I couldn't agree more.