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I really love anime and manga but I'm not that otaku because there's a lot anime that I have not watch yet so my goal is to reach 200 anime series. I hope I can reach my goal ;D

First of all my favourite overall & mainstream anime is One Piece.

For me, One Piece is the best anime that had been created by Oda-sensei.

I respect Oda-sensei for being the best man that ever created such a beautiful, wonderful, and awesome story line and characters.

Second, my favourite non-mainstream anime is Mirai Nikki.

This anime is all about killing, friendship and most beautiful part that I love in this anime is the romance between the girl and the boy who plays the survival game. I really love this anime.

That's all from me. Wish to update more here. Bye :D

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yukisouma94 Mar 30, 2012

good luck on getting to watch 200 anime. when i read it i started to wonder how many i've watched myself :P