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From the beginning theres always been conflicts,between families,between friends,between comrades...and because of things like envy and lust we fought one another,brother against brother,friends against friends...hatred filled are minds against our new enimies and revenge for the fallen...it was believed the strong would be the only to survive and the weak shall die... but over time many of those who where once weak found strength in those around them...they found comfort...they gained the ability to fight for what they hold dear to themselves...loved ones,friends...they became more than just fighters they became protectors...but thats just a few...some where left to perish...had no one to rely on,nobody to count on...they were left alone as if death was there only option...and as i watch as those with something to fight for join each other,there hearts beating as one...i wonder what will become of the fallen...what would become of the forgotten...what would become of devils,demons,and nobodies...what will become of me...a Heartless Angel -HeartlessxRafael

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wolfangel87 says...

Interesting name!!!

Welcoem to AP!!!

Jul 9, 2009