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Hell Girl 2/Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori

25 OCT

I finished the second season of Hell Girl sooooooo fast i love it so much. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE hell girl fan. Before watching the second season, i watched the first season at least 3 times. I love it so entirely much. I'm probably going to sound like an obsessed freak (which i am lol) but i own the first series on dvd and the first and second season's soundtrack albums. I love the musicc and i love the series i could watch it over and over. Its true, it does get repetitive at some points but its really good once you finish it. It was done a lot better in the second season for sure.

I knew what the ending was going to be in the second season, but i didn't think it was going to feel so sad and oh my god! It was an absolutely amazing anime but it was just sooooooooo sad. I love Ai so much!

For anyone who has not watched this anime series yet, i recommend watching it. The second season is a lot better than the first season for sure. I just hope the third season lives up to be just as great as the first two. I've only heard very few things about the third season, but what i've heard had been good sooooooo yeah.

haha, but yes, i recommend to anyone who's thinking about watching it to watch it. the first season is good and at the end, you might think "should i watch the second season?" because the first season may just of been like...bleeeh. as you can tell i dont know how to explain it. but anyways, the first season is kind of like an exposition meaning like an introduction. the second season is just where everything starts, and also its really funny too. there were some episodes in there where i was laughing my ass off because it was just completely random. some episodes made me think, "what the heck you stupid person? why wouldn't you do [insert a problem solution here]?" haha i guess you'd just have to watch it to understand what the heck i'm saying.

anyways, LOVE JIGOKU SHOUJO!!! GO AI! GO WANYUUDOU! GO REN! GO HONE ONNA! GO KIKURI! haha sorry, i just felt the need to do that.


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