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Club Hatsune


Hello and welcome to Miku's very own piece of mind. I plan mostly to post my thoughts and ideaology on manga and anime that Im watching/read. First, a brief background Im a twenty-two year old student/full time employee who uses his precious free time to watch anime and work on coding/video editing skills. Since I discovered anime in 1999 with the first anime I viewed being the Original Ghost

Ghost In The Shell Vintage

in the shell movie, Although I may have been too young to grasp the concepts or gravity of situations presented by this piece of art something drove me to strive for more. Later I found myself glued to late night adult swim and toonami before they started to suck mind you. In a sense as I reached the height of my highschool status my true feelings remained apart from a tangible world where everything has an explanation or a theory behind it. My passive and detached nature was quelled by the internet and in more anime. It's hard to judge dissaffection and casual nihilism with numbers so it was in a sense the perfect place to develop a piece of myself. Call this escapism but it feels like nirvana. I take great joy in the emotions displayed through the artist in manga as well as producers of anime. It's safe to say that if your work can produce an emotion from an audience and motivate them to relate/empathize with a character from your mind then you displayed your feelings well. Many days I choose which anime or light novel to read based on my mood and what im looking to emulate for the day. Recently I've been captivated with romance novels. Because it's the first one i've read B.O.D.Y. is my current favorite. Heres a piece I wrote in another blog that gives a few thoughts without any spoilers. From across the abyss of the foreign seas comes a well written manga known as B.O.D.Y. written by Ao Mimori. The fifteen volume series falls under the categories of shoujo, romance, and drama. The story follows the school troubles of the sixteen year old Ryoko as she discovers her first love is a quit student who works as a host secretly. Ryoko is determined to not fall for such a character. Naturally, the troubles and misunderstandings she finds herself in often lead to question her beliefs on the


 concept of love. Can a man who shows affection to many women ever truly be serious with a girl? Can a million yen debt ever be re-payed through host work? Find out in this older teen series. Apart from the story many will be drawn to this series by the very expansive art skills of Mrs. Mimori from night club scenes to tranquil forest her pen work is some of the best. Furthermore, the fashion choices of the characters is very appealing and encompasses a broad spectrum of new age to vintage and hipster trends. Styles included are American Rag Cie, uniqlo, and perhaps some influences of Ato Matsumoto. To my knowledge the first ten volumes have been translated and published in America by Viz Media with the remaining five being translated online by fans. Check out this series on your off days for well branded drama that rises above the general cliches of highschool romance and prepare to be entertained. I have enjoyed all seven of the novels in this series I have read thus far and hope that future manga I read is as well done as this series. Post any thoughts comments on what I should read next any feedback is always appreciated! Club Dismissed until next time.{^-^/

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